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window treatments for sliding doors



We all love sliding doors in summer, when we want more sun and warm air in, but no so much during wintertime, when they can be one of the major sources of loss of energy. There are different solutions for window treatment for sliding doors, to make the most of all seasons, let you enjoy the view, blend in with other window treatments in the house and have a match with the rest of your interior decor style.


Usually they represent a decorating challenge in the sense that they should allow light, provide enough privacy( unless you’re lucky enough to have a huge private backyard!), but still allow to operate them freely.

The range of colors is infinite, and it allows you to be adventurous and creative in your choices.


7 Easy Ways – Window Treatments For Sliding Doors


Decisions, decisions…

window-treatments-for-sliding-doors-01CurtainsFloor length curtains are a great option as window treatments for sliding doors; they provide an elegant look to your rooms. Depending on the decor style for the room, you can choose cartridge pleated,French or double French pleated curtains for a traditional look, whereas tab top or grommet panels fits better in a contemporary setting.There are lots of choices available for colour and decorative poles. Choose a pole that will alow you easy access to the patio door, and in and out. This is the least expensive option to consider for your patio doors treatments.When selecting the fabric and the color, remember that curtains which blend with the walls will fade into the setting, while bold contrasting panels will become focal points.


Our picks from Amazon include 2 of the most used types of curtains:

sheer drapes – these are a good size 60″ x 84″ 2 panels, making them usable for window treatments for patio doors, obstructing partially the view from outside; price versus quality is good and they are popular among shoppers on Amazon.

lined curtains– these wide width grommet top insulated blackout curtains will help you block heat, cold and light; they have good reviews on Amazon.

window-treatments-for-sliding-doors-05Plantation ShuttersPlantation shutters are an elegant alternative to curtains. Wood shutters can be luxuriously rich in appearance, showing the unique character of the woodgrain. Less costly alternatives are the faux wood shutters, made from poly-satin compounds.They can be installed on a sliding track directly over the doors, alowing the panels to by-pass as they glide. A plus for this type of patio door window treatments is the fact that shutters don’t intrude on the floor space.The other option is to have bi-fold shuter units with single track systems that allow more exposure of the opening when stacked, but will extend into the room with the width of an individual panel. Both sliding by-pass or bi-fold shutters feature inside( mounting shutters recessed within the door opening) or outside mount( mounting shutters outside the door opening on the trim, or directly on the wall. Shutters give an improved light block and added insulation, while they are asy to maintain and clean.

Our Amazon pick:

the wooden plantation shutters presented in the image left are full height shutters, made of elm or poplar, all FSC certified hardwood; they block light and cold; available for self installation, an US company.

window-treatments-for-sliding-doors-02Cellular Shades – Cellular shades( or honeycomb shades)are one of the most versatile shades available. They give you lots of insulation( because of the honeycomb shape of the cells, hence the name), so it will save you on heating costs, plus it provides privacy while filtering a soft light through.Vertidraw Cellular Shades – are ideal window treatments for sliding doors.This type of vertical shades features two moveable side rails with locking handles for ease of operation; this allows the shade stack to be positioned on the right, left or in the center, depending on your needs.Vertidraw Cellular Shades Blackout – midnight shades are very popular because they have a relative low cost and have blackout opacity which prohibits light from shining through and provides maximum privacy with no shadows or silhouettes.Blackout fabric is thicker and stronger than other cellular fabrics, and it is coated white on the inside of the shade. They are easy to install, only minor assembly being required.
Blackout fabric has a winter rating 4.00 and a summer rating of 3.50 both will provide heating and cooling savings year round.Our Amazon pick:

these 3/4″ single cell vertical honeycomb shades in the image left provide a high level of natural insulation and sound absorption, making them ideal for sliding glass doors and french doors; hardware included, good price and they are Backed by the “M and B” life-time warranty.


window-treatments-for-sliding-doors-04Vertical BlindsVertical blinds are one of the most used solutions window treatments for sliding doors, because of the lowest cost compared with the other treatments, their durability and low maintenance.Headrail is self-lubricating and realigns vanes automatically.Available with wand control for tilt and traversing, they are UV protected, so they will look at their best for years to come!

Our Amazon picks:

these vertical fabric blinds from reputable Bali company add drama, dimension and contemporary styling to patio doors and wider windows. Good price, free shipping and no Sales tax on Amazon.

Sheer Enchantment Blinds

Manufactured by Bali Company, they combine the traditional look of sheer draperies with the functionality of vertical blinds. When the vertical vanes are open, softly diffused light streams through delicate hues of sheer fabric.


When closed, Sheer Enchantment features the privacy and light control of a vertical blind. Voile is the most airy and angelic, made from an evenly weaved silky material.


window-treatments-for-sliding-doors-07Sliding PanelsSliding panels are a great alternative to vertical blinds because they maximize the floor space. Fabric panels glide effortlessly on a wheeled track system to provide a seamless covering.They can be used for both inside and outside mount. You will need to add additional width and use outside mount if you do not want to block any of the view through the window. Mounting depth will vary based on window size.More and more used as window treatments for sliding doors, they complement any modern and contemporary home decor.


Our Amazon pick:

these Chicology sliding door panels open left to right, right to left, or center open, hardware is included and they are easy to install. Good price and good reviews on Amazon.

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