Empty Frames Wall Decor Part II

Empty Frames Wall Decor Part II: Arranging and Displaying


First I gathered my frames and then refinished them in white to unify the future assembly. If you missed this part, you can catch it here!


Now, the big decision: arranging them!


I had enough space in my living room, on the floor, to do a mock arrangement. That took me the most of the time. Because it won’t be just me going by these frames several times a day, I asked my husband and son for their opinions too :).
After lots of changes, we all came up with this final look( still on the floor):


I didn’t want any holes in the wall, so I bought 3M Command Small and Medium Picture Hanging Strips Value Pack at Home Depot and attach to all my ready to hang frames.


All said and done, I did a photo of the”approved” frame arrangement with my camera and used this photo to ballpark the position of the frames on the wall!


This is how it came out:


On the thinner frames you can see the command strips, but I believe it’s nothing you can do to hide them!

And these are another two pics from each end of the hallway( my hallway is long, so there is no way I can do a front photo of all frames):


Well, what do you think?

Lessons learned
– don’t skip the mock up arrangement of the frames( it really worth the time!!)
– paint the inside of the frames the same color as the front to have a finished look
– the horizontal center line of the wall frame gallery should be at the eye level( same as you would hang paintings on the wall)

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