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The kitchen is an intrinsic component of our household. We cannot do without a bathroom because it is the place where we keep ourselves clean, we respond to the call of nature there (if you know what I mean). So, the bathroom is a compulsory constituent like the other rooms in a house – but the kitchen might be even more important.

The function of the kitchen is again something different and we just cannot dispense with it in any way. Our science books have taught us an essential truth that all living beings require food to sustain themselves. For us, human beings, the kitchen is the place where our food is cooked because we are not like the other animals to eat it raw. We are modified in every way and kitchen is one of the symbols of our modification.


Kitchens in the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were mainly characterized as the Dark Ages when there was a decline in every possible field, a hunger for power and quenching the desires of the basest instincts. So, it sounds a little out of place when we talk about the types of kitchens during the medieval period.

During the Middle Ages, kitchens were only present in the royal palaces. The ground floors of these palaces were mainly used for the cooking purposes. The infrastructure of the kitchen mainly included ovens which were used for baking and for the purpose of roasting and smoking food, there were huge fireplaces. There was also an efficient sink and a drainage system. There were also three important portions of the kitchen which were the Bottles, the Buttery, and the pantry and there were miscellaneous storerooms as well.

But the ordinary householders could not really afford the luxuries which royal people enjoyed. The common household had only the baking oven and all of their meals were cooked there.

Types of Kitchens in the Middle Ages

So, these were broadly the two types of kitchens which the middle ages used to have. But now we have come a long way from the Middle Ages. There were many more periods between the middle ages and the 21st century. Things have been improving ever since, mainly the standards of living and increasing demands along with it. With the betterment and sophistication of the living standards, the improvement of the kitchen appliances had also been unavoidable. Now, in the 21st century, there is a touch of sophistication everywhere and kitchen has been no exception.

Modern Era Kitchens


In the modern era, you can have your kitchen remodeled in any way you wish to. Tampa would provide you with the best services for the remodeling of your kitchen. You can check their website at: and their store is located in Palm Harbor, America which they provide kitchen cabinets, hardwood and carpet flooring of good quality for your household. But they are most popular for their kitchen remodels.

Let us look at the variety of their kitchen remodels listed below:

  •  American Heritage – If you are living in America and you feel like maintaining the cultural heritage of America, then you can do it through this model for your kitchen. It has got a prestigious archaic look about itself.
  •  Maduro – How about getting your kitchen furnished with beautiful cabinet boxes and a glossy chimney in between the line of cabinet boxes? Very beautiful to visualize.
  •  Storm Gray – Now, have your kitchen furnished by gray safes and cabinets. But it would not look dull at all, because this gray furniture has got a glassy finish. So, your kitchen would have a shining look.
  •  Classic White – Tampa has surely got a variety of colors where kitchen furniture is concerned. The color white’ has surely got a purity about itself. Imagine how beautiful your kitchen would look with white furniture!
  •  Coastal Crème – This model provides an aesthetic royal look to your kitchen with beautiful light pieces in the ceiling and the cabinets are carved with aesthetic designs on it.
  •  Bordeaux – This is model which has been loved intensely by all the customers. The kitchen slab is made up of marbles and the sink which is located in the middle grabs the attention.
  •  Blue Bahia – With this model, your kitchen would acquire a beautiful blue look about itself because of the blue marbles.

Apart from there are many other beautiful models like Soap Stone Gold, Copenhagen Premium, Silver Wave Leather and so on. Once you visit the store or go through their online products, it would really be difficult for you to choose the most beautiful model because all of their models are extremely beautiful. So, if you are looking for a good kitchen remodel, you must definitely contact Tampa and give your kitchen an aesthetically sophisticated look.