Art For Your Walls, Decor For Your Home: August 2013

I got few e-mails from readers asking what happened?…Why that big silence? Last post was in June and…nothing in July?…and half of August??

Well, July started like this: we decided to go on vacation, kind of last minute decision( actually the deal was a “last minute” one!),… hence our hurry to pack up and head to: Puerto Vallarta!!!

With renovations going on in the house all the time, full time jobs, school for our son, we all needed a “STOP” and recharge our engines! So, Puerto Vallarta, here we come!


I fell in love with this city right away:

img_1984-5650200 img_2010-2476193 img_2022-3081955 img_1981-8681891 img_1801-2655169

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end; our relax time in sunny Puerto Vallarta came to an end as well…For sure we will go back there sometime, whenever that might be…
… so here we are…back to our jobs, …and renovation …and décor projects around the house!!, all these in a very hot and sunny Vancouver, with 31 days with no rain for July. Can you imagine that?? No rain whatsoever!

I wanted to take advantage of all this sun going on and on, so I started to paint the exterior of the house; and that’s a lot of painting!! Yep, NO blogging, NO computer time, I really have to finish it before the “raining season” comes back in Vancouver!!

I will share the whole painting project in future posts, but for the time being, I will show you few more pics from Mexico:

img_1530-6624714 img_1957-6697431 img_2021-2855733 img_0961-6308950