Art For Your Walls, Decor For Your Home: It's good to be back and a different experience

Well, is SOoooooooo GOOD to be back!! After 5 weeks of having my back injured, days when I couldn’t sit, stand or sleep because of the pain, visits to chiropractor and physiotherapist, I’m starting to finally recover.
…And thank you for being so patient with me, because I didn’t do or share any projects in all this time, nor I did anything in the house for that matter.

Last month led me to experience a different field and audience for exhibiting my artworks.

I had applied over a year ago and accepted to display my paintings at South Surrey/ White Rock Semiahmoo Public Library in April this year.
My paintings were shown for the whole month in the big lounge. Thank goodness I injured my back a day after I took my paintings there!

Featured painting was “Fog”, and I got lots of good feedback about it.


Truly a new and exciting experience, it allowed me to present my artwork to a totally new audience: young and not so young library readers!