Art For Your Walls, Decor For Your Home: Kitchen Peninsula Update

As you can see here at “Kitchen Cabinets Makeover”, we decided to keep our original wood kitchen cabinets and paint them. They were good quality, oak, only the color was too orangey for me.
The kitchen peninsula was another story however.

One side had the oak veneer – a much cheaper product; sorry, I have no photo!
On the other side of it, the door cabinets under the sink were the rolling kind. I always hated them – hard to clean and ugly too!


(Shhh! This is a photo a week before we moved in the house!!)

So I decided to add bead board on one side and at the end of the peninsula; also change the rolled doors to regular ones.

1. Adding the bead board.

Home Depot had the MDF bead wainscot panels at a decent price, already primed, so I bought 2 panels.
I had the beadboard cut there as well, and that was a huge time saver!

I started by adding one bead board panel to the side of the peninsula and secured it with liquid nails. Then I nailed the panel’s edges to the oak veneer with the nail gun. The side edges had already outside corner trims so I didn’t need to buy those!


For the end of the peninsula, I continued with the bead board paneling, but I needed a narrower piece of primed MDF baseboard. I used a hand saw to cut out a hole for the outlet.


Once everything was secured, I filled my nail holes and spackled the joints. When dry, I gave it a good sanding and the joints were almost invisible.

With that part finished, everything got two coats of Sherwin Williams white semi-gloss paint, and this is the end result:


And a closer up:


1. Replacing the rolled doors under the sink with regular ones.

Finding doors to match the existing ones was a real challenge: our house is 30 years old so what are the chances to find cabinet doors to match exactly the ones we have?? Pretty slim.

I got lucky though! After to 2 weeks of research, I found somebody on Craigslist who wanted to get rid of their old kitchen cabinets. My lucky day!
So I got 2 doors( free), with the same cathedral arch recessed style; the only difference was the width. They were wider by 1 inch. But that is nothing a table saw can’t fix!


I don’t own a table saw, but I have friends :)).
So, I got them cut, primed and painted and then installed under the sink. I love waaay more the new type of cabinet doors than the old ones!


One more BEFORE, with the rolled doors:




What do you think?