Art For Your Walls, Decor For Your Home: My Goals for 2012

I know January it’s almost gone (5 days left) and I’m still putting in order of my 2012 goals. In a perfect world I would write my goals when the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve.
Well, time waits for no one, so I decided to write down my goals for this year, here, on the blog. It will be interesting to post them again a year from now and see the outcome! Promise I will keep you posted!

Few days ago, somebody asked me about my resolutions for the New Year. So what it will be? Goals or resolutions?

“What’s the difference?” you would ask?

A resolution(definition) is a resolving to do something, more of a promise.
A goal is an observable and measurable end result, having one an objective to be achieved within a timeframe.

For me that’s a big difference between the two, so I will make goals.
I also decided that it would be easier to keep the goals on a personal level, separate from the home decor ones.


I will start first with my 2012 goals on a personal level:

  • Be more structured in my painting process – I need to focus more on choosing one technique in my abstracts, then go with it and perfect it!
    My challenge is that I like to experiment with different mediums and especially with techniques. After I try them out, I focus on understanding and getting the next one…I would get bored really easy and move from one thing to another. (symptoms similar to ADD???)
  • Get over writer’s block with my blog. What happens it’s kinda of funny: in my head I “talk” almost non-stop with my blog, and explain, describe things, and projects to it( I mean to the blog 🙂 ).The moment I sit down to write, I’m blocked, and I will say:” I will do it later, or better tomorrow”, and so on…
  • Get more independent financially, if I really, and I mean REALLY want to get more time for what I love most: painting, decorating, re-finishing, writing, managing my decor website( for you who don’t know, I have a full day time job, a 2 hours commute, family and kid). My goal is to get a $200/ month(from painting, decorating, re-finishing, writing).
  • Get a healthier lifestyle( healthier eating and exercise…) I know I’m blessed by Mother Nature with a rather thin frame, but each year I manage to put few pounds, and I discovered that getting older, it is harder and harder to get rid of them. (I confess I love everything related to chocolate and hazelnuts!) Past year it was actually impossible to take them off, but instead, I topped them on with some more!!
  • Get less stressed from my little “day to day” lists I keep and try to fit so much on them, that at the end of the day, I feel frustrated and discouraged because I couldn’t finish everything I wanted to do. I have to realize that it’s not the end of the world if one day I couldn’t do anything more than going back and forth to and from work, working, washing dishes, cooking, preparing meals for work/ school for next day, and all the other unexpected things. Right, RIGHT??

    But I should mention that I feel so proud of myself when I can check things off my list :)!

  • The word of this year for me is ACHIEVE.

    And…I will keep you posted on my home decor goals for 2012, so don’t forget to come back and check!

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