Art For Your Walls, Decor For Your Home: My Silver Leaf Dresser

I love gilded furniture, so I said to myself:” I have to get one!”. …Looked at the prices, looked again… and than decided to try my hand at silver leafing a smaller chest of drawers.

It took me some time to find the piece I needed at the price I wanted :).

And one day I got it; from Craigslist, where else??


I really liked its curves, but it was quite beaten up and it had some water damage on the top. I used Elmer’s wood filler to repair the broken and damaged edges.


After the filled areas were dry, I used a sanding sponge to smooth them for a seamless look.

The whole dresser got primed with Gripper grey latex primer and sealer.


I also sanded the top to get rid of the water damage bumps.


For silver leafing I used 5.5″ x 5.5″ sheets and Speedball Mona Lisa spray adhesive for metal leaf and liquid Speedball Mona Lisa water based brush-on metal leaf adhesive size.

After spraying the size on the dresser and letting get tacky, I applied each sheet with a soft bristle brush( which happened to be one of my make-up brushes :), making sure I got them overlapping a bit.


I removed excess leaf with the same brush.
That left some cracks and you can see the grey poking through, but I didn’t mind as I think they make the dresser have that antique feel.


It took me some time to get used with the process of applying the silver leaf, and more than once I got frustrated with some areas and redid them. That’s where I used the liquid water based brush-on metal leaf adhesive size. I was afraid if I’d use the spray I might get size over gilded areas that didn’t need any touch ups. I sealed the dresser with wipe on poly( water based).

I finished the whole project in almost 2 weeks. It took me that long because I worked almost every night for few hours, after I came from work and did the other chores around the house.

This is how it looks now in my entry hallway, all prettied up and ready for spring!

img_1254-2502059 img_1203-8970953 img_1204copy-2914172

In the end, I believe all my work paid off, ’cause I really LOVE my silver leaf dresser!

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