Art For Your Walls, Decor For Your Home: Our Polyurethane Crown Molding

The Easy Way To Install Polyurethane Crown Molding Hooray!! We finished( finally) to install our polyurethane crown molding in the bedrooms. We decided to use polyurethane molding for the following main reasons( important to us):

  • inexpensive
  • light product
  • easy to install by DIY-ers like us( me and my husband)
  • If you want to read more about the advantages of choosing polyurethane molding please head here. Even the use of the brad nailer is optional and you won’t need to find the studs. It cannot get any easier than that, I believe! easy-to-install-crown-molding-05-2356289The polyurethane crown molding we bought it on-line at, which had the best price I could find, $1/ft. While Home Depot has crown molding made of the same polyurethane at a slightly higher price – $1.5/ft, they didn’t have the style we wanted. Material came primed, another plus, and I painted all molding strips before mounting them on the wall.

    We were terrified about getting( or rather not getting) the corners right. My husband built a jig to be able to cut the crown molding the way it sits on the ceiling. That helped him to get the right angles.

    easy-to-install-crown-molding-01-5029741We used Liquid Nails Adhesive for Molding and Paneling to secure the crown molding to the wall and the crown molding pieces themselves. We also made sure we joined the pieces in the places they would show the least and definitely over any of the focal points in the bedrooms.

    Earlier, I was saying the use of a brad nailer is optional! Why? Because the polyurethane molding is very light and the adhesive is enough to secure it to the wall. However, they were few places where we used the brad nailer – and those were the ones where the wall was not perfectly straight.

    I used few nails to keep the molding following the wall. Other than that, just liquid nails adhesive, and some painter’s tape to keep the crown molding in place until the adhesive was set.

    Yes, they were imperfections in our project, but as everybody else will tell you, wood putty and caulking are your best friends when installing crown molding!

    The whole project, per room, didn’t take more than 3 hours, once we put our mind to it( which by the way , WAS the hardest thing…procrastinating, hey!…).
    I’m really happy how our DIY project turned out, so we plan to finish the rest of the house soon!

    You can take a look at my son’s bedroom BEFORE:
    and the AFTERpic, from a slightly different angle( and with my abstract paintingon the wall):

    For more detailed info you can head to this article! or ask your questions about polyurethane molding right here, and I will do my best to answer them!

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