Art For Your Walls, Decor For Your Home: White Kitchens

Year after year, it seems that white kitchens (or at least white cabinets) are still one of the most sought-after design choices.
They are here to stay; they are timeless and elegant.

I looked in my files, searched the Internet, and here it is some inspiration for your( or my) next white kitchen!


A classic, with its marble countertops and white subway tiles; designer Frank Babb Randolph, via “Things That Inspire”


I love the under cabinet lighting in this modern kitchen: great accent and inexpensive! Designer Andreea Avram Rusu


A big kitchen space deserves a big island, perfect for entertainment and cooking; Castro Design Studio

How about a Scandinavian kitchen? white-kitchens-05-4638526

Clean lines, with matte finish surfaces; design by marbodal

I wanted to leave it for last the kitchen of the year of “House Beautiful” where Mick de Giulio designed the kitchen of the year for 2012.


With lots of stainless steel, this is a glamorous and luxurious kitchen

Have you gotten inspired yet?…