Bamboo Wallcovering – Art For Your Walls

“Bamboo wallpaper brings elegance and distinction to your decor!”

  • Bamboo wallcovering is considered one of the trendiest “wallpapers” on the market.
    It can bring a natural feeling to your wall decor with its polished and exotic look.
  • Bamboo wallpapers are considered environmental friendly, because bamboo is a renewable material, sustainable, and non-toxic.
    More to that, by choosing bamboo walppaper, you will help avoiding lots of chemical products in your house.
  • The front of the wallpaper is made of flat, thin slices of bamboo, put together either horizontally or vertically on different backings.
    Very modern and highly textured are the ones hand- wooven with seagrass or twill grass intertwined with the bamboo slices.
  • Use bamboo wallcovering to create the perfect backdrop for an exotic tropical decor, to cover all walls, or to have it as the “accent” wall of the room!
    Or you can try it for a beautiful wainscoting, leaving the rest of the walls painted.

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More reasons To Choose Bamboo Wallpaper

  • Most of the times the backing used for bamboo wallpaper is a natural one too, like muslin, regular light cotton fabric or paper.
  • Unbacked wallpapers can be stapled to the walls.
  • Because this type of wallpaper is natural, you should expect a variation in color and texture in the same roll or from one roll to another.
  • Some manufacturers recommend to use grass wallpaper paste, which won’t leave blotchy stains when mixed with water, as opposed to regular one.However regular wallpaper adhesive can be used for most types available on the market. Check with the store, when buying this kind of wallpaper.
  • Because of the highly flexible backing, the bamboo wall papers are really easy to be installed around the corners – and that’s a plus.
  • Clean up and maintenance of bamboo walls are easy because of bamboo’s highly resistance to stains.
  • For a neat finish you can use bamboo wallpaper caps to cover the top of bamboo wallpaper sheets, or as chair rails if the bamboo wallpaper is used as a wainscoting.