Bathroom Flooring Options Ideas

by Dawn Gates( Edmonton, AB)

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, floor is something, which comes to mind first. You can opt for any material to coat your bathroom floor if it is waterproof.If it is hard to keep your bathroom water-resistant, then you should not choose wood paneled floors. This is because it requires a lot of upkeep.

On the contrary, if your bathroom is large, you can use wood outside the shower area.

Things to follow to use wood in your bathroom

If you wish, you can install wood items in your bathroom. However, you need to ensure a few important things to use it. It is easy to install wood doors, frames and wood window or frames in the bathroom since they can be painted or varnished. For this, they can withstand moisture well. Along with this, you need to ensure a ventilating fan. Your preference for wood just limits to doors and windows. With regard to this, if you do not want the floor upkeep, you can go for synthetic wood flooring options for your bathroom. They have a great realistic feature and waterproof benefits as well.

Different types of floors

You can choose ceramic tile, granite, and marble for your bathroom. These are handsome and extremely durable flooring choice for baths. Granite and marble tiles can be a great choice for your bathroom. They bring an unsurpassed beauty and luxury to your bath. Ceramic tiles are also a good choice for bath. They can go well on both floors and walls. These days, you can find out ceramic tiles in antique and quarried stone look.

Rather than these bath floor choices, there are other bathroom floor options available too.

Glazed and crackled floor is another variation of ceramic tiles. They are available in stone or earth like textures, patterns and colors. They can easily resemble anything between aged terra cotta and tumbled marble.

Your floor choice for bath does not cease here. There is a cement-flooring option. This type of floor is usually stained and painted. It bears a different look and it is water-resistant by nature.

Vinyl or sheet vinyl tiles are cheap and make a good choice for bathroom flooring option. They have a better look too. It goes well with the faux marble. It prevents the key problem of moisture flowing between tiles and loosing them. You will find it easy installing it. However, you cannot install vinyl floor on non-slip surface.

Important things to consider

You must know that ceramic tiles are meant for flooring. Wall tiles look as same as ceramic tiles but they are not durable enough. Therefore, you need to be active while purchasing ceramic tiles for your bath. Besides, you need to mention a non-slip surface on ceramic floors. A few ceramic tiles are low luster, therefore, they easily prevent slips.

Place to buy

You can easily find different kinds of tiles from a home improvement store. Besides, many online home improvement stores deal in decorating materials like tiles and other home improvement objects. If you want to receive the best flooring installation service, then you can contact professional. For instance, you can get best service from flooring in Edmonton. Choose this professional and have a unique bath decor.

Author’s Bio

Dawn Gates is a freelance architect and a home improvement analyst. He has been writing for many online publications since 2007. In his recent articles, he shares some useful advices on flooring. If you require any helps regarding flooring installation, you can refer to flooring installation in Edmonton. Dawn suggests you to visit New Image Flooring to collect ideas on the type of flooring materials, services and solutions.

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