Bathroom Lighting Fixtures – Art For Your Walls

“Make your bath roomy and airy with these bathroom lighting fixtures!”

Using the right types of bathroom lights, in the morning you can have a bright and fresh light at the mirror when shaving or putting make-up; whereas at night you can make it a sanctuary for relaxing and pampering.

So by layering your bathroom lighting, you will get different levels of intensity according to your needs and natural light through the day.

Choosing between various types of bath fixtures is dependent on the set up and size.

A good lighting layering will use all four types of light: ambient lighting, task lighting, accent light and decorative lighting.

Bath Lighting Basics

  • Ambient light in a bathrooms is usually provided by recessed downlights – see images below. Theses types of fixtures reflect well off os tiles or stone. You can choose between ceiling exhaust fan or ventilation with built in light, or fluorescent fixtures. For small recessed downlight a discreet halogen downlight can be used. It will create more sparkle and highlight than the fluorescent type.

    Whenever possible downlights are better concealed – maybe a recessed slot can be created against the back wall of a bathtub, and the light source concealed within it.

    If the ceiling is very high, light fixtures don’t need to be recessed; instead waterproof surface fixtures can be utilized.

    Ambient/ background lighting can be provided by uplighting, for example, by creating a coffer in the ceiling. This will create a diffuse and even light.

  • The next effect to be considered is task lighting that will light the mirror and face. If you use one downlight you will create unwanted shadows. Two downlight fixtures are better off, as you can stand between them.

    One downlight is acceptable only in the case you have two on-the-sides mirror fixtures, creating good lighting for the face.

    Popular solutions for lighting the vanity mirror include theatre make-up bars, tubes mounted vertically on the sides of the mirrors or wall sconces.

    Some manufacturers considered having mirror kits with inset light diffusers, integral tubes or swing-out make-up mirrors with their own light source.

  • A low level light with a floating effect can be created by the floor washers in the vanity toe-kick area, by using LED strips or xenon. It shouldn’t be used during the day.
  • Don’t forget the bathtub and shower area – see photos below. They should get their own lighting. Think of recessed downlight for this purpose. One of the most popular choices is the shower trim with glass diffuser. Any light fixture within the reach of water should be protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter( GFCI) to prevent electrical shock.
  • Think about feature lighting to create atmosphere. You can put recessed spots into a small alcove or backlight an opaque bathtub panel.

To get an effective lighting in your bath, provide task lighting in such a way that light is gently flattering but strong enough for your grooming needs.

To alternate between morning needs and night-time relaxing, consider having dimmers.

For safety reasons and cost efficiency plan to provide low energy night lighting.

For greater flexibility when building or remodelling, run wiring for wall sconces before you cover it with drywall. After you hang the wall mirror, you can easily determine the exact location of the fixtures. Cut holes for the boxes, pull out wiring, install the boxes and fixtures.

Make sure that all lighting used is specifically designed for bathroom. Check the IP rating of the fixtures and use ones that are appropraite to the zone in which will be located.

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Lighting requirements for a guest bathroom are the same with the master bath. Remember to locate the switches and dimmers in an easy to find spot.

Because usually the guest bath is smaller in size, most probably your bathroom lighting fixture will include only recessed ceiling lights for ambient lighting, and a pair of vanity wall sconces for task lighting – see photo above.