Bow Window Treatments – Art For Your Walls

“These tips will help you find the right treatments for bow windows.”

Begin the search for the right bow window treatments by finding and matching the design you have in the room; decide if you want to draw attention to these large window treatments or make them “blend”.

…Whatever you decide or your style preference, don’t let your bow window treatments impede on their functionality.

Bow Window Treatment Ideas

There are 5 factors in selecting bow window treatments for your room:

  • Question 1: Want to Draw Attention to your Casing?If the casing is elegant and attractive enough, make the most of the decorating molding you have: mount the shades inside the windows casement and adorn only the window top with a loosely hung swag or valance.
    It will emphasize the beauty of your bow windows and the quality of your molding.
  • Question 2: Want to Save Energy and Reduce your Heating Costs? If you have floor to ceiling bow windows, use energy efficient window film and then add your “regular” bay window treatments. This, along with the use of blackout curtain for your large window treatments will help reducing heating costs for this winter!
  • Question 3: Do You Want to Add Importance to Your Bay Windows?Add importance to the group of windows that form the bay, by unifing them with a single treatment.For decorative purposes, completely cover the bay window with one pair of draperies instead a pair for each window.
    Roman valances soften the look of the window panes whem the panels are tied back.
  • Question 4: Want to Rather Blend the Bow Window Treatments with the rest of the Room Wall Covering?Blend a valance with the rest of the wallpaper to make the transition from the wall to the bow windows more subtle.
  • Question 5: Want to Emphasize the Gorgeous View? If you have a terrific view, draw attention to it and visually increase the size of the windows themselves and mount vertical striped side panels. What material? Nothing beats the fabric panels when it comes to add instant warmth and style to a room.
    Another solution when outside view is the focal point: Use simple ring mounted decorative stationary panels that extend only half way over the side windows of the window assembly. The fabric softens the whole look and rather enhance, not distract from the view.

My Amazon Picks

Bayview Drapery Rod Solution, Bronze by Umbra – This is a great solution for bow windows, considering you buy the whole set: 6 mounting brackets, 2 rubber corner connectors, 2 ball finials and 3 telescoping rods to fit a whole range of window sizes.

Levolor 58722012 Swivel Socket for Rods up to 1-Inch Diameter, Satin Nickel
– Used to connect two rods for bay or corner windows; the swivel socket is adjustable from 90 to 180 degrees.

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Tips for Your Bow Window Treatments

  • For decor that’s sleek and understated choose shutters, blinds(as in the picture above), shades – it will keep things “trimmed and tailored”.
  • For a formal look for your bow window treatments, install framing draperies across the front of the window alcove.
  • For a high curved bay window, use a flexible rod that can follow the curve in one sweep. If decor is contemporary, let the rod be seen.

Select the Right Bow Window Treatments:

  • Pleated styles valances add dimension and they’re elegant in rooms of any style; they offer a tailored sophisticated look, and let’s not forget the economy on fabric; the pleats are formed at the top edge of the treatment, and fabric lays flat between the pleat folds.
  • Consider woven wood shades for texture and light control. First you need to determine if the shades can be mounted inside or outside of the window; see if there is enough space within the frame to accommodate the head rail of the shade. For the outside mount they can mounted on the window molding or wall. If there is wall between the windows, you can highlight each individual window by having shades cut the same width as the outside molding measurement.

    To make windows appear wider and to create a more continuous look, mount shades cut wider than the window with their sides almost touching in the angled corners of the bay.

  • Soft cornice style as bay window treatments is perfect for prominent print fabrics, making the group of windows and the whole room larger. If the cornice is mounted inside the window frame, it will showcase not only the molding, but it will expand the bay window dividing it into individual windows.
  • Use shutters for bow window treatments if there is need for privacy and you’re concerned more with functionality of your treatments than looks.
  • Consider roman shades without the rods at the back, to create a more casual effect – the shade crumples up softly at the sides and swags down in the center; for a more formal look use rods at the back – will keep the shades straight and flat.
  • Swags and jabot – swags and cascades wrapped around a custom made pole for bow windows will enhance a traditional decor.