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Searching for information on the internet can be hard and time consuming, and yes, some times expensive, because you have to pay for. These are the reasons we, at ” Art For Your Walls” spent the time, so you – our visitor – will have this info available for free. Now you can concentrate more on growing your internet business.

So what you’re about to see below, is a list with the sites I personally used, I found useful and relevant to help you:

  • build your website
  • and a profitable web based business

I’ve divided this list of business resources in few categories, to make your search easier:
Site Sell – well, as you expected from the “About Me” page, this would be my first choice when choosing a website host. Actually it is much more than a website host. It has Web hosting package that provides a proven process and a tech-free, complete set of site-brainstorming-building-hosting-and-marketing tools.

Yahoo! Web Hosting – is a leading web hosting service that offers world-class, reliable , secure and fuser-friendly hosting, unlimited e-mail storage. It offers design tools and a free domain name.

Go Daddy – is the one of the top choice for domains and reliable web hosting. They own, support and service the hosting services they provide.

– If you decide to build a website always take in consideration what is your level of expertise. Also look at your needs: you want a simple personal website, or maybe you plan to create an online store.
Different needs, different software!

CoffeeCup – Reviews say CoffeeCup 2006 is a good choice in website software for the average home or small business user. It is easy to learn, with tutorials to accommodate beginners. Coffee Cup lacks sophisticated e-commerce features, so it’s best for straightforward personal or business Websites.
You’ll still need a domain name and a web-hosting service to actually post your Website.

Nvu 1.0 – It’s a free web-design software, providing a complete, although very basic web design solution for Windows, Mac and Linux. The software still includes some JavaScript coding and CSS support.
Tech support and documentation is a common weakness of freeware, and reviews found Nvu is no exception, though there is a forum for posting questions to other users. As with paid web-design software, you will still need a hosting service to post your website.

Site Sell – it has a Comprehensive Action Guide to help you build your own website. Using the tools they provide, you can research a topic, and find the most profitable keywords for it. The guide gets you through next steps: creation of your pages, and optimizing them for higher ranking with the search engines.
They helped me creating my on-line business and website!

Adobe Dreamweaver – CS4 is the best web site development software/tool available today for professional web designer. If you’re looking for a rapid application tool to design web sites, this is your best bet. We recommend it to everyone who’s interested in learning web site development.

Free blog software – If you want to blog rather than build a website, you can use the free blog design templates provided by blog hosting services like or That being said, if you want to have control over the final look of your blogs, consider WordPress. As is typical of freeware, there is limited or no tech support, though experts comment that WordPress enjoys a very active forum of intelligent users who will respond to questions.
Should you blog or should you build a web-site? Read this interesting article!

Adobe Photoshop – We highly recommend using Adobe Photoshop CS4 to design web sites. Useful for design web site layouts: cool effects, great textures, text effects.
Photoshop is also great for optimizing images and exporting them in the gif or jpeg format.

Picasa – software download from Google that helps you organize, edit, and share your photos. It’s free, and easy to use. Personally, I used it a lot when editing and resizing my paintings pics.

Paypal – free shopping cart, if you want to sell products on your website. With Paypal shopping cart, you accept credit card and bank account payments, and the cart can be fully integrated with your website in a few easy steps.

All orders are processed through PayPal’s proprietary system and it offers to web developers a wide variety of easy to use tools to assist with rapid implementation. Having such a good reputation on the market, having its service on your website, it may add extra credibility to your business.

Volusion – Can help your business succeed on-line, by providing the most innovative, user-friendly ecommerce software available.Their core product includes a fully integrated online store that has everything you need to build a successful online storefront. The free, 14-day trial( no credit card required!) introduces you to the possibilities of their user-friendly, feature-rich ecommerce solution and a 24x7x365 Out of this World Support.

Wordtracker – tool to find out what words, phrases people use when they search – how popular each word is, and what are relevant keywords to use for your site to increase traffic, to get more visits to your website and more people to buy your products.

MYWS ( Make Your Words Sell ) – with MYWS you will increase the effectiveness of your website content.
What are the benefits of applying the strategies learnt from this book: it will give your online business a major boost by creating higher conversion rates(Which means more $$ for you), more credibility and trust from the audience, to name just a few.

This is must reading for ANY online marketer who wants to sell more.

Online guru Neil Shearing had this to say about MYWS! when it was first released… “I read it cover-to-cover, and boy-oh-boy I just don’t have enough superlatives. I’ve always wanted to know how great copy was written and now I know. Scratch that, now I know how to write my own.”

We were able to get this e-book free for you – our visitors. So relax and start reading. It might be a major turnpoint in the way you do business!

Directories – linking to good quality directories should help your website bring in-pointing links. The more credible the linking sites are, and the closer they are to your site’s theme, or topic of your individual pages, the more “popularity points” your site will get awarded by search engines.

DMOZ – DMOZ The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.
Popular Internet Links directory focused mainly on Computers and Programming but also covers humor, entertainment, news, Medical, Real Estate and Property, Travel, Timeshare and Cruises, Fitness and Bodybuilding, Music and Graphics. Links are updated daily. – Free Canadian Business Advertising / Crafts – Crafts Web Directory

Link directory of Top Sites
SEO friendly web directory of top sites and blogs organized by topic into categories and presented according to relevance of website. Submit your website free.