Ceiling Treatments – Art For Your Walls

“Your wall decor isn’t finished if you forgot the ceiling treatments!”

For majority of homes, ceiling is looked at, as a simple, flat surface – most often plain white – that gets little or no attention.

Yes, it will serve as a base for mounting track lights, a chandelier, recessed light fixtures, but that would be all.

The only time when is being looked at ? When it’s time to repaint the room.

Ceilings are, in fact, one of the most overlooked parts of the house.

Most people settle for boring, textureless ceilings, and don’t even realize what a difference decorative ceilings treatments can make to their overall decor.

Choosing between ceiling treatments we present below, you can add surface and texture, and bring them to a new life.

Ceiling Treatments Ideas


There a many ways to decorate your ceiling: from a simple re-surfacing to extensive rebuilding projects. If you’re ready for a change, but not sure where to start, take a look at this guide for the most common ceiling treatments ideas and see what’s available!

Types of Ceiling Treatments

  • Paint – It is so versatile, and of course, that includes ceilings. Paint is by far, the most inexpensive way to add visual interest to your room!

    Courtesy of MarthaStewart.com

    If you want to make your wall decor to stand out, add color to your ceilings: either acccentuate them with a totally opposite color from the walls, if you want to show off a beautiful ornate molding, or a complementary one, if you want an understated look.

  • Wallpaper – Literally, there are hundreds of patterns and colors to choose from. So, the options for your ceiling wallpaper treatments are endless!

    For example, this Imperial VP131600 Architectural Tin Ceiling Paintable Wallpaper imitates tin ceiling tiles, but it’s made of stain resistant and paintable vinyl.
    We recommend this type of wallpaper for the average DIY-er as an easy enough method to revamp your ceiling or for staging your home. For a better match with the color pallette in your home, this wallpaper can be re-painted. Another feature that caught our attention: this wallpaper can be used for walls and backsplashes as well. It comes pre-pasted and cover approximately 56 sq. ft.

  • Medallions – are considered a “classic”, a well known way to get decorative ceilings. Made of either polyurethane, or plaster, usually they are the base for a chandelier, or a different light fixture.
    Having so many models and shapes to choose from, they add drama to any room! ceiling-treatments-03-2973353

    Courtesy of ThisOldHouse.com

    Ceiling medallions provide a simply and relatively inexpensive way to accent a ceiling. Even better, they can hide some holes where the lighting was replaced or repaired

  • ceiling-treatments-01-8881836Suspended Ceilings and Acoustic Tiles – if in the past suspended ceilings were mostly seen in commercial buildings and offices, nowadays manufacturers came out with new ranges of product and design to fit any residential home.They have the advantage of providing excellent soundproofing quality compared with plaster or drywall.
  • Plank Ceilings – Think of how popular hardwood flooring is today, and it will just make sense to have it used as a ceiling treatment for your rooms!There are so many options to look at for planked ceilings: pine boards or Douglas fir ones, just to name a few.
  • ceiling-treatments-04-2446666Tin Ceilings – Going back in time, we see the first tin ceilings appear in the nineteenth century. A decline followed, but today they are back in style, mostly because of the revival of historical housing and renovation in the design of urban living.They are easy to be applied, and it can be put over a large range of existing surfaces. Price is modic, and most of times, with a little bit of skills, it does not require professional installation.
  • ceiling-treatments-02-9510542Coffered Ceilings – They are used to decorate the ceilings of a more formal room-such as a dining room, living room, or maybe a library. They are available in many configurations: from the more seen rectangular shape to the elaborate ones like circular, oval, or diamond shape.The idea is the same with beamed ceilings, but the difference lays in the fact that beams intersect, so they form recessed areas, called ceiling coffers. Beams can be ornate or simple. Ceiling coffers can be painted, wallpapered, covered with veneer or tin panels.

All these decorative ceiling ideas should give you at least the starting point in changing your ceiling appearance: from a simple and boring, to an eye-catching one.
So go ahead and decorate this “fifth wall”: the ceiling!