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“Read these tips on choosing paint colors the right way! “

You can have a fantastic look for your living-room, a revamped kitchen, a jazzy bathroom or a restful bedroom by choosing right interior paint colors for the walls of your home.

The range of colors is infinite, and paint allows you to be adventurous and creative in your choices.

Getting the perfect color for your walls and matching it with the rest of the house – furniture, window treatments and rugs – is possible without being a professional.

Follow these simple steps and you will create the perfect color schemes for your home decor and build your color confidence!

4 Simple Steps to Build the Perfect Color Scheme

Choosing Paint Colors The Right Way

Step 1. Choosing Interior Paint Colors: What’s Your Favourite Color?

Take the time to see what colors do you really like. See why they make you feel the way they do:

  • happy to start a new day,
  • relaxed and ready to unwind, or
  • energetic and willing to start a new project.

Your preferences toward a color or another can tell a lot about how you are and how you see life, how you make choices.
See how colors reveal your personality and how they can affect your mood.

Take pictures if possible, make notes, clip out pictures with colors that appeal to you. Put them on a “color board”. You will see a repetition in the colors you enjoy most.

Step 2. Choosing Paint Colors: Get to Know the Colors in Your Room

Discover your Space. Take into account the colors of furnishings, window treatments, rugs, floors, doors and trims. While you can change some of them at a later time, to complement the color scheme you chose, the others will remain the way they are.

The couch you have, that expensive mahogany sideboard, the all-house-through carpet, or the wood floors most probably will stay the same. They are “big ticket items”, and most of the people cannot change them too often.
Add their colors to your “color board”, as you will have to incorporate and make them part of your final color scheme.

With window treatments, door colors and trims you have two choices, either keep and take them into account with current color and add to your “color board”, or change them later to fit the new room color scheme.

Still feel uneasy about choosing interior colors? Try The Paint Color Cheat Sheets – the proven, tried and tested interior paint colors!

Step 3. Choosing Paint Colors: What Does Your Room Need?
Go through all these questions below, before choosing the interior colors for the room:

  • How do you want to feel in the room? Do you want to feel cozy, restful, energetic, happy?
  • How must the space function? Do you need an area for eating, hobbies, entertainment or studying? These days most rooms serve more than one purpose.
  • Are there any features in the room you want to reveal or hide? An accent color will draw attention to a feature, whereas similar tones will help disguise.
  • Check the light in the room. A south facing room might need a color to mellow it down a bit; a north facing one may need brightening with warm colors.

Step 4. Choosing Interior Paint Colors: Making the Final Choice

Now it’s clear for you what you like, how the colors make you feel, and what colors are “keepers”. This is the best time to go and pick the colors for the room.

Don’t go to the paint store bare-handed. Most probably you want remember the exact shade of green you decided to use.

Remember the “color board” we talked about in previous steps :)? This is the time to take it with you and pick the right shade.
Do you need to take another look at the color wheel chart to refresh your memory about what’s a shade or tint, or which ones are complementary colors? Check it here!

Understanding colors, choosing paint colors, and working with them, will grow the confidence in yourself that you can do it, and soon enough you would want to use paint to transform tiles, furniture, and even floors.
For the ones who haven’t decided yet on what color to choose, or do not have yet that confidence, there are some color palettes, considered “true winners”, because of their popularity over time: red, blue and white, yellow and green, to give only few examples. So, a stylish decor can be achieved using them as a reference.