Christmas Decorating Tips – Art For Your Walls

Ah, Christmas!…It arrives with planning holiday parties, hosting, traveling, buying and wrapping gifts, decorating the house and trimming the Christmas tree.

Sometimes we wear ourselves out in pursuit of a picture-perfect Christmas.
With these Christmas decorating tips, we hope to make your holiday season less stressful, so you can enjoy more the time spent with family and friends.

Even though wreaths are found year-round, definitely they are a symbol of winter holidays.

Miniature wreaths, made of holly berries, are perfect to be put around candlesticks on the coffee table.Slightly bigger ones can be used as a centerpiece on the table, encircling one big or a group of three scented candles. Use sprigs of bright holly berries, small jingle bells and florist wire.

Where to hang the big wreaths:

  • Get one for the front door, or two if you have French doors. This eye-catching wreath is made out of different coloured glass ball ornaments glued with a hot glue gun on a Styrofoam base wreath.Use a wire-edge gold satin ribbon to hang it on the door.

    Be careful when assembling the glass ornaments, they can break!

  • For the mantel in your living-room, choose a greenery wreath.Simple and elegant, this wreath uses fresh greenery, a metal wreath frame and pine cones. To attach the cones use florist wire. If you want a little bit more color, you can paint the pine cones gold.

Every season is special, but winter’s quiet beauty and jeweled landscapes are the most enchanting. Now, a first-ever collectible Thomas Kinkade crystalline illuminated Christmas wreath to capture the lifelike look of natural, hand-carved ice features seven of the Painter of Light’s most beloved winter classics on exquisite blown-glass ornaments.

Christmas Decorating Tips for your Mantel

A crackling fire for Christmas, with a decorated mantle always conveys welcome and definitely gets you in the spirit of Christmas.

  • christmas-decorating-tips-03-9069069 You can easily make your own garlands for the mantle with fresh greenery or trimmings from the Christmas tree. Attach them with wire to lengths of twine.
    Adorn the garlands with berries, small red bows, rosehips and pine cones. Use a string of lights to make it bright.
  • As a simpler alternative, add some warm glow to your mantel with pillar candles displayed off –center on the mantel. Use simple white candles, and gild them with gold leaf for a shimmery look. Spread around some pine cones. Mount the candles on single glass holders or on classic taper candles.
  • For a change, why not choose a fuss free minimalist mantel decor? It has shimmery cones, a silver ceramic sphere and a Rub ‘N Buff silver leaf deer. In lieu of the Christmas wreath, green sparkly ornaments were hung.

Decorate with Snowman Figurines

  • This Thomas Kinkade Victorian Christmas Snowman Figurine by The Bradford Editions is a Well-dressed Jolly Fellow! An Exclusive Thomas Kinkade First! The Thomas Kinkade collectible snowman figurine is sure to add just the right touch of holiday cheer. This important collecting FIRST snowman figurine is handcrafted and hand-painted, with old-fashioned “coal” eyes and a “carrot” nose, and proudly displays two of Mr. Kinkade’s beloved holiday paintings, one on his cozy overcoat and one on his stylish top hat!This exclusive, limited-edition Thomas Kinkade collectible snowman figurine from The Bradford Editions boasts an amazing level of decorative detail, enhanced with glittering “snow” and cool, silvery accents. Edition strictly limited to 120 casting days, it has a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and measures about 7″ high.

  • Thomas Kinkade Crystal Snowman Figurine Featuring Light-Up Village And Animated Train by The Bradford Editions Exclusive Crystal Home Decor Lights Up and Features Moving Train! – When it comes to winter delights and Thomas Kinkade, what you see is what you get…and happily so! Never has a snowman been filled with more charming personality. With his beaming smile, carrot nose and rosy cheeks, he’ll gladly share that joy with you. You’re certain to be clearly enchanted by this MARKET FIRST Thomas Kinkade collectible snowman figurine featuring authentic cut crystal, an illuminated village and animated train!Discover three incredible treasures in one with this unique home decor, available exclusively from The Bradford Editions. This three-dimensional Thomas Kinkade collectible snowman figurine “houses” an illuminated 3D village with four buildings, a pond, bridge and 10 villagers. Just touch the switch to see the buildings light up and the tiny train circle the base!

Christmas Decorating Tips-Christmas Tree Decor

  • The traditional color scheme for Christmas is red and green with gold accents. Start by arranging the lights first. Place them on the inside branches. Then put the gold ribbon. Leave the ornaments – in this case big glass gold and burgundy balls and red bows – for the outside branches and tips, so the tree will have depth.
  • Dare to be different: this assemble is striking and refreshing. Try white and silver ornaments and accents with blue-green glass balls.

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