Christmas Holiday Table Settings – Art For Your Walls

Charming Christmas table decor, magical Christmas tree, wreaths to welcome family and friends…yes, Christmas is here once more!

Keep things simple, or…create sophisticated holiday decor, but most of all, enjoy the time you have with loved ones!


Holiday Table Settings Ideas

Create a sophisticated Christmas table decor setting playing around the white and silver color. After all, white represents winter!

White is a stylish starting point for any table – it’s pure and uncluttered, and it works with any style: modern and simple dinnerware, clear glasses and gold ribbons tied on dark red napkins, or better with china with gold patterns, and etched crystal glasses.
White is easy to work around it because it doesn’t intrude with any other color and you can blend it with gold, red or green or all of them! Follow the white color scheme you chose, and play along with it in the rest of the house.

Centerpieces for Holiday Table Settings

  • holiday-table-settings-02-7699935If you choose white for your Christmas table decor, a simple centerpiece made of a 3-tier glass pedestal filled with glitter covered pears, grapes, clusters of pine needles and a narrow sheer gold ribbon will make a wonderful focal point.Complete the setting with white and gold paper napkins or linen napkins tied with red twine. Choose plain glasses, white and gold dinnerware.

    In front of each seat, place a small red votive candle.

    For a more traditional setting, place fresh greens( boxwood, variegated ivy or mistletoe) into napkin rings, along with red napkins. Use green and gold china plates.

  • Candlelight is one of the most beautiful and easiest way to create a sense of special occasion for your holiday table setting.Create an easy Christmas centerpiece with three to five lanterns , surrounded by fresh greenery and pinecones. The whole ensemble is set on a bare wood table.( Courtesy of Midwest Living)
  • For a centerpiece that is festive, but easy to make, arrange red glass ornaments in a white ceramic bowl and fill the empty spots with green natural or artificial greenery.Use more red ornaments, arranged on top of candle sticks/ pillars of different heights to create movement.
    Complete the red and green theme with small red votive glass cups and green napkins on top of white plates.( Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens)
  • Brilliant turqouise and greens make are the inspiration for this festive table.
    A white and crisp table cloth set the stage for this chic design, with lengths of blue and green ribbons in lieu of the table runner.The centerpiece is a rectangular silver tray. A low cut glass vase, wrapped in fancy ribbon, filled with lime green and turqouise baubles is set on top of the tray.

    White carnations fill the two white ceramic vases on the sides. The color of the napkins match the same lime green from the ornaments.( Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens)

Table Top Trees for Holiday Table Settings

  • Expand you holiday color pallete with white and gold!This fabulous centerpiece is made with some simple items: fill three or four glass garden cloches with gilded white and gold brush trees.

    The gold from the trees is carried on thr rim of the white china plates. Small silver trees with golden ornaments are placed on top of each plate to complete the theme.( Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens)

  • Fresh and unexpected! Build a Christmas topiary out of three glass cake pedestals.Sorround each pedestal with fresh or faux boxwood wreaths and adorn the top of the topiary with a glass or mercury glass bird.

    Each guest has silver plates on top of shimmery sequined table mats. More mercury glass birds sorround the centerpiece for the continuity of the main motif.

    ( Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens)

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