Contemporary Wall Decor – The Art Experts

Contemporary wall decor is part of our times.
With its neutral color palette for walls, but bold accents, it takes full advantage of the structural elements in a house: exposed plumbing pipes, bricks or even air ducting.

They can all become a colored detail or blend with the rest of the walls.

Achieve A Contemporary Look

Elements of Design in Contemporary Wall Decor

    • The contemporary style wall color palette incorporates neutral colors, with white, cream, taupe or brown being used the most.
    • Mood is created by using a vivid color for an accent wall, boldly colored artworks or geometric prints or decorative pillows or rugs.
    • One of the most important design element is line: geometric, simple and clean. So, furniture has no complicated carvings and is regarded more as function than decoration. The same concept applies to lamps and fixtures.
    • Space: characteristic for the contemporary decor is the open plan with plenty of light and no clutter contribute to the feel of spaciousness.
  • Simplicity is highly regarded in contemporary decor. Furniture has smooth surfaces, there are no fringes on the drapes or floral prints on the walls.
    Accessories are here and there, living more space open, pieces of furniture are viewed as individual, accent pieces. So in contemporary decor…less is more.

    • Your first lighting choices in a contemporary setting should be either stainless steel,chrome or brushed-nickel lamps. Lights focus on specific well placed pieces and has a sleek finish.

      Lines for light fixtures are well defined, with no intricate carvings.

    • Wallpaper – if used – is not an elaborate patterned one, but more with abstract, geometric lines or natural look as a textured linen wallpaper.
      If you want to add some textures to the walls you can successfully use a bamboo or grasscloth wallpaper.
    • Most contemporary-style furniture is made from birch or maple light colored wood and combined with glass or metal. In contrast with the traditinal style, there are no carvings or antique finishes used, all furniture having clean lines.
    • Window treatments are not layered, have soft colors, but also, it’s not unusual to see bare windows.
    • Fabrics used are the ones with a natural look found in wool, cotton, linen, silk, jute, and add textural appeal.
    • Artworks are vividly colored with dark sleek metal or wood frames. If wood is used in a frame, it would carry the same tone as the one in furniture.
    • In a contemporary kitchen, there is no room for clutter. There are floor to ceiling cabinets for handy storage, ceramic tiles and stainless steel appliances.
  • In a contemporary decor, all rooms have modern storage space with closet organizers, underbed-storage, stackable containers.