When you say plates, you think food serving…

Think twice!…

Decorative wall plates are a great and inexpensive way to bring a splash of color, and liven up any wall, or empty shelves in any room. Display them and you will get an instant feature wall for your decor. Now it your time to get out that plate collection from your hutch and let it be seen by the world!

Wall plates decor is considered an old custom in many cultures. Some centuries ago, having displayed wall plates was viewed as a sign of social status and wealth.

Where to find them? Build your collection by looking no further than your own cupboards. Look in second hand shops, trift stores or garage sales. You will find beautiful vintage pieces that need just a good polish to look like new!

Decorative Wall Plates – Display them by Room

The beauty of having a decorative wall plates display is flexibility. You can hang them up in any pattern and any room.

Kitchen is one of the places that comes first to mind to display plates. Living

This photo, by now famous, is from San Francisco artist’s Jen Siska house. Such an inspired freeform and colorful collection of plates!


Opposite from the freeform collection above, making a symmetrical arrangement of vintage plates on an empty wall, framing the window and above the sink works as well. Colors were drawn from the color accent in the kitchen.

Country Living 

Bedroom – Use an arragement of smaller plates, arround three bigger ones. They all can follow the curves of the headboard, emphasizing it. You can choose colors that match the ones from the accent pillows on the bed, for example.

Living Room – Space above the fireplace it’s one of other places to display plates. In the photo below, not only plates were used but decorative tiles and saucers were used. The whole grouping is held together by the color: blue and white and the symmetrical pattern.

Martha Stewart

Define a corner in the entryway or a hallway with some China plates that can match the color of the vase you displayed on an accent table.

Work with the space constraints and arrange plates vertically, one above nother, so the whole group will be at the eye level.

To get a balanced composition keep about the same space from one plate to another, but no more than 4 inches in between.

Tips on Decorating with Wall Plates

Look for decorative plates that match with the decor style you have in mind for that particular room. Link your display to the colors, patterns or shapes present in the room.

To get a balanced and cohesive composition, choose a monochromatic scheme for the plates, and get a quote, with each word of the quote written on each plate.

Display a grouping of three, four, up to ten, eleven plates on the wall, to create a striking focal point in the room.

Try different sizes:put the bigger one(s) in the center, and the smaller ones on the edges.

Display wall plates which don’t have any cracks, major scratches, or discoloration.

Use grouping plates made of the same material: either ceramic, porcelain, bone China,stoneware, or even glassware or stone.Arrange them by the motif painted on the plate: floral theme or landscape or by color: blue and white China or pale yellow stoneware.

Hang your grouping at eye level, similar witht he way you would display art paintings.

How To Fix Wall Plates on the Wall

There are more than one way of fixing decorative wall plates on the wall.Here there are few ideas:

One of the safest way to do it is to use sprung plate hangers. You can buy them at almost any hardware or home decor store.

Picture hooks may be used also. Just pay attention at the weight of the plates.

Some plates are manufactured with a pierced rim, used specially for hanging. You can either thread wire or a fancy ribbon, for an eye-catching display.

Even an adhesive velcro tab will suffice for small wall plates. Make sure the velcro is securely attached to the wall.

A wall mounted wooden plate rack over the sink or dishwasher is another way to show your wall plates. Place plates you use more often on the lower part of the rack, this way making it practical and useful.