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When it comes to choosing the flooring option for your home, nothing can compare to the soft and luxurious feeling of a carpet under your feet. Choosing a perfect carpet for your home is essential. It is important because your chosen carpet must complement your wall color. Therefore, the carpet color depends on the color of the wall of your home.


There are varieties of designs and styles of carpet on the market. However, you need to find a carpet that cab is perfect for your home and wall. let’s look at different carpet designs and ideas.

Choosing carpet as per wall color

Since you know, most homes have walls in white color. Therefore, let us have a look into the carpet that can harmonize with the white walls.

White walls

If you want to create a traditional effect with your white walls, then choose carpet in beige and creams. They are great options for your white color walls. You must remember while buying white color carpet that it stains easily. Therefore, if you are determined that you will not walk upon it, and then you can take a decision to buy it for your home or for your business. If you can’t buy it for your business, another option is a fast carpet cleaning in Rochester NY area.

You can even go for cotton colored rugs. They will complement the white walls. You must consider the baseboard and the crown molding also for white walls. This is because the rug should not match the crown molding and the baseboards or else the rug will look poor and take away the appeal from the room.

Light colored walls

If walls have a light color, then carpet should be in light color as a matching set. However, some rooms can manage this, but some rooms cannot carry it well. If you want to harmonize the wall color, it is essential for you to know the exact wall color of your home wall. You can find out different kinds of shades.

Therefore, if you can find out a perfect shade of the wall, then only you can find out a perfect carpet. Take for instance, if your walls are in powder blue, then choosing a rug or carpet in powder blue will be a smart choice.

You must remember that not all the rooms in your home may look as stylish as that room. Therefore, it will be a better idea to bring swatch to your home and see which color appears good. After this, you should make a carpet buying decision.

If you still are puzzled and cannot make a right decision, you can better take help of carpet cleaning services in Rochester. You may get better carpet services to from them.

Medium colored walls

If your walls are in medium colors such as coral, then the rug or carpet you choose must be in coral color or lighter color. This can work wonders for your wall and as well as your home as coral reflects a calm sense of feel in color. You can easily get carpets in coral. However, you must prefer to buy carpet from a renowned carpet manufacturer or you can look for a professional carpet cleaner to help you. You can check them here.