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Crown molding adds the finishing touch to your walls and ceilings, giving more depth and definition to your room space. However, installing them by yourself can be tricky.
So, I put together few tips for installing crown molding, based on my experience with polyurethane molding.

You can read more about polyurethane molding and why we chose it here.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Do you want an expensive crown molding or you have a tight budget to work with and you can settle for the less expensive ones?
  • Do you want to hire an installer or you have good DIY skills so you can finish the job by yourself?

My answer: In my case, we( me and my husband) were on tight budget and decided we will get the job done without having to hire a professional installer. So, the tips that follow are a result of our crown molding installation.

Plan the job – I know you’re itching to start, but some good planning can save you headache and money down the road.5 Simple Steps to Install Polyurethane Crown Molding

        • – Decide how much to buy: Measure the length of the walls in the room( perimeter of the room).Tip: Allow an extra 10 percentage wastage. If you have a repeat pattern, allow more.
        • – Decide the size( width) of the crown molding

Tip 1: select your width based on the height of the ceiling. For example, for a height of 9 feet, chose a molding with a width of 3-4 inches.

Tip 2: “break” the rules if you LIKE a slightly larger one, but remember to scale the size of the crown molding with the size of the trims.

        • – Decide the style: for a contemporary look choose simple molding with less detail; alternatively a traditional home can get a more detailed crown molding, even a deeper one.

Tip: as a general rule, avoid a crown molding with a repeat pattern for contemporary style homes.

      1. Tools you need:
        • – Compound miter saw
        • – Liquid nails adhesive( for molding and paneling)
        • – Wood putty
        • – Paintable Caulking and caulking gun
        • – Sanding block
        • – Nail gun and nails – optional for polyurethane molding installing
      2. Paint the molding strips before installation. Let them dry thoroughly before installation.

Tip: polyurethane molding doesn’t need priming – and I loved it !!!!!. Molding strips come pre – primed( one of the reasons I considered it an easy to install crown molding!).

      1. Install – My husband built a crown molding jig – to make the cuts as exact as possible.

TIP: The crown molding jig holds the crown molding safely in sprung position so you can cut it the way it hangs on the wall, only upside down.We used straight butt joints to join polyurethane molding and miter cut both the inside and the outside corners. Here is how molding will look for an inside corner:

TIP: When you’re doing the cuts, remember that polyurethane crown molding is turned upside down on the miter saw. To ensure a tight inside corner, cut the molding a little longer by 1/8 inch and sprang it into place.

We used a bead of adhesive at the top and bottom and at all joints. Before applying any adhesive, dry fit each piece of crown molding to make sure it fits properly.

TIP: No need to use nails to attach them to the studs, as polyurethane molding is very light – we used some to have the molding flush against the wall, as our walls weren’t perfectly straight( nor the corners an exact 90 degrees). No need to find the studs either!! Yey – that was another reason to consider it for an easy to install crown molding as well!

TIP: We used masking tape as a guide for the molding on the wall and to keep it in place after is mounted. After the adhesive has dried, we removed the masking tape.

  1. Once all of the molding was in place, I filled all joints and holes from the nails with wood putty. After it dried, I sanded it. We caulked the top edges of the molding where it meets the ceiling with a pain-table latex caulking. We didn’t need to caulk the bottom of it. In the end, I touched up with white paint where it was needed.

This is a photo of one of our bedrooms BEFORE our easy to install crown molding:

And the AFTER photo of the same room after installing it: