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Eclectic decorating style is part of our times, but embraces elements from the past also. The same reflects into eclectic wall decor.

Eclectic style appeared at first in early twentieth century as a reaction to minimalism, in which interior home environments were seen most of the times, as sterile areas with sleek finishes and pure lines.

Even though eclectic decor inspired calm in an stressed living, it gave away the pressure of having to live an over-ordered life, as minimalism wanted to be.

Some consider this style will unleash their imagination to push the boundaries of convention.

Achieve The Look For Eclectic Decorating Style

Elements of Design in Eclectic Wall Decor

    • Color is everywhere in an eclectic wall decor, as it seems that it has a vital role to play. It contrasts with minimalism, where everything was pure white, and the space was begging for colour.
    • Mood is created by using a vivid color for walls, but than being combined with an element of traditional style, like a chandelier with intricate, detailed design.
      Or you can go for a rather washed color for the wall, using the pallette from – let’s say – the country style, and pair it with a modern element of design.
    • In any decor style, line is one of the most important design elemnt.
      In eclectic decorating style, there is a mix of lines, an intertwine between clear and clean lines and shaped curves.
    • Same with contemporary decor, eclectic style considers an open plan with plenty of light, but the difference with the later is, that clutter is not considered obstructive.
    • Eclectic style brings cohesion to disparate palettes of elements by producing continuity through different textures, forms, and surfaces. For example, you can have a blend of old and new with a white leather chair, or a wall hung antique door as a decorative element in an otherwise modern bedroom.
  • Simplicity is highly regarded in eclectic wall decor. But the monotone tempo is always interupted with an unexpected element from a different style or century.
    There is always a mix in eclectic style between at least any other two decorating styles! Accessories are abundant, balancing the space without leaving it open, but not cramped either.

Accents for Eclectic Decorating:

    • In this decorating style, texture add interest to a surface: an intricately embroidered antique textile could be used as a table runner on a sleek stainless steel table or displayed on a pure white wall.
    • Walls are colorwashed and they can be combined with a dramatic nineteenth century marble fireplace. And viceversa, burnt sienna plaster and cement walls can become the wall frame for a modern contemporary painting.
    • Most contemporary-style furniture is made from birch or maple light colored wood and combined with glass or metal.
      In contrast with the traditinal style, there are no carvings or antique finishes used, all furniture having clean lines.
    • Window treatments are not layered, have soft colors, but also, it’s not unusual to see bare windows.
    • Put a built-in bookcase on one of the walls. For decor you can use modern pieces and traditionally framed family photos.
    • An antique hand woven silk rug is the wallmounted backdrop to contemporary abstract pieces.
      Walls can be faced with custom designed and built-in panels which can conceal a wardrobe, for example.
    • In eclectic environment, pattern can be applied directly onto surfaces by. An example is painting or gilding above the windows where you can have a shelf for your collections or catalogues.
  • Walls on the staircase can provide a space for an art collection exhibition: mix of hand carved mirrors and modern art.

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