Fabric Wall Hangings – Art For Your Walls

“Embroideries, large wall tapestries, carpets, quilts and fabric wall hangings provide an attractive decorative focus to your walls.”

Add Visual Interest To The Walls with large Wall Tapestries

From the sophisticated indian silk to the bold woven or embroidered European tapestries and the modern hand-painted canvases, fabric wall hangings represent one of the ways to display beautiful wall decor.
There are endless materials and ways to create a “one-of-a-kind” large wall tapestries in all shapes and sizes.

What is Their History?

In South America, embroidered hangings used to adorn doorways, walls and shrines.

In past times, Ottoman dynasties commissioned the weaving of fine linen, cotton, silk and wool tapestries and embroideries to enrich the walls of their palaces.

On walls of larger houses in France and Spain were hung fine tapestries-with more functions: decorative and practical – they beautified the walls and were a sign of wealth, but also helped to insulate rooms against cold.

  •  This oriental tapestry( Art at Home) is set against a background of deep plum and burgundy colors and it has an intricate floral and geometrical pattern. The rosette in the middle gives balance to the whole assemble. Even more smaller and detailed patterns continue for the borders, unifying the tapestry.
  • One of the most suitable large wall tapestries for a traditional or eclectic decor, this wall hanging called “Le Chateau de Monceau”, is woven in United States and depicts the grandeur of French Renaissance and French royal homes( Art at Home).

    MidModmom – Beatriz Macias

This fabric hanging is just gorgeous! It fits perfectly in this eclectic mix of old and new.
It is displayed stretched over white canvas and I just love its color and texture!

Scale of Fabric Wall Hangings – The scale of wall hangings in relation to the size of the wall is very important:

  • A fabric may be used to cover the whole wall area, the wall itself becoming the “accent” wall.
  • If the wall is big, to soften its impact on the room, a long fabric can be hung landscape, at eye level; or alternatively can be hung portrait style, dividing the area vertically. The ideal location for this situation? A deep stairwell, or turret.
  • While a series of rectangular fabric hangings hung in portrait format will alter the ceiling height, a series of narrow tapestries, hung landscape, will lengthen the look of the room.

Do you know how to display your tapestry? Check our page with tips onHow To Hang A Tapestry!

Fabric Wall hangings – Are They Durable? – Fabric hangings are expected to be durable, and if they are well looked after, should last a very long time. However there are good and bad locations to hang them up.

What a “good location” and what is a “bad location” for a fabric wall hangings:

  • Hung them above reach and far away from animals and small children: a study room, or bedroom.Suspended above a fireplace mantel or behind a piece of furniture like a bed, they provide an attractive decorative focus.
  • Don’t hang a valuable tapestry in kitchen – constant variation in heat, humidity and air quality might damage them over time.
  • Bathroom is another place to avoid as well; because of the condensation, and damp conditions your fabric will rot.
  • If the wall hanging is made of wool, don’t hang it in full sunlight or over a radiator. Sun rays will make even the richest colors to fade.
  • Don’t hang them in a narrow hallway, where passers-by can brush repeatedly or catch against the hanging.