Fireplace Design Ideas – The Art Experts

“Wow…So many fireplace design ideas I could use!”

Why focus on fireplace designs? There is more than one answer, and all of them important:

  • From ancient times, fireplace was considered the “heart” of the house and it’s still considered that way these days.
    Spending lots of time in living rooms and family rooms entertaining and relaxing, fireplace mantel is the spot to display our favorite collections and pieces of art.
  • Being the focal point of the room, a well designed and well constructed fireplace can increase or decrease the price of a home when buying or selling the house.
  • Ultimately, it reflects the personal style of people living in the house.

Consider These when Planning your Next Fireplace

  • Talk to fireplace designers and retailers and exchange opinions on what you like or dislike. Look on the internet and magazines for photos.
  • To help you choose the right option: wood burning, gas or electric fireplace or even alternative-fuel ones; look at the area you live.
    Decide why do you want one: for heat, heat and decor, just decor.
    Most important: don’t forget your budget and how much money you’re willing to spend on your new fireplace.
  • If your house is decorated already, plan to either match or complement all the other decorative elements existing in the room: furniture, paint, and style.
  • Think beyond conventional: a fireplace can look beautiful in a bathroom, and a “two sided” or a “see through” fireplace can be enjoyed from a living room as well as from a dining room.
    To ensure privacy, avoid installing a double-sided fireplace between a home’s private and public spaces.

Put in practice some or all these ideas to save energy:

  • To reduce as much as possible heat loss, plan to close the damper during summer, or when you don’t use the fireplace; checking the damper periodically to see if works properly will also help.
  • If you plan to use your fireplace for heating, not just as a decor element, look into putting a new insert. Nowadays they are better designed to give better heat with minimal losses.
  • Turn off the pilot light for the warmer months to help conserving energy.
  • Try and switch from a wood burning to a natural gas fireplace heater insert to get bigger bang for your buck.
  • If you inherited an older fireplace, brink a chimney specialist to inspect your chimney and help reducing heat loss.
  • Install a heat exchange system that will blow warm air back in the room, while fireplace is working.
  • Install airtight doors( such as the ones made of tempered glass) to the opening, to reduce air from leaking in or out of the house.

Getting Fireplace Design Ideas

There is a large availability of materials and forms, suitable to the smaller apartment, up to the rancher and the largest mansions.Fireplaces are the soul of the home and they represent a symbol of coziness and comfort:

  • Choose from different materials available: brick, marble or river rock for a more traditional/ country style, to mosaic and slate for a more modern look.
  • Depending on the style you want to build, choose the appropriate mantel for it.
    They vary from a simple mantel shelf to the ones with legs and freize boards, or built in bookshelves incorporated in it. They can extend to the ceiling, with sleek surfaces or intricate sculptured elements.
    As an added bonus, mantels offer a changeable decorating setting.