Foyer Lighting – Art For Your Walls

Foyer lighting is most of the times, one of the last items on the list when moving into a new home or remodeling.

Lots of people seem to overlook the fact that proper foyer light will become the first impression your guests will get when coming into your home.

Why show foyer lighting at “its best”?
Well, for various reasons but all important: light can visually expand the space( if you have a small entry), you can accent your favorite artworks( in case of a larger entry), you can lead the eye and make your guests feel at home.

Foyer Lighting Basics

The foyer or entry is the first room seen when arriving and the last when departing. So the correct foyer light will make it as beautiful as the rest of the house. Few “rules” should be taken into consideration;

  • Keep It Simple! If you have room for an impressive chandelier or an eye-catching pendant, don’t add “competing” focal points.
    The same goes for accents displays or plants; add soft light controlled by dimmers.
  • Foyer light should complement the areas that are visible beyond the entry. A focal point or points down a long entryway can lead guests into an open living space.
  • Whether old-world traditional or modern contemporary, use the correspondent fixture with the style you want to reveal for the rest of the house.

Repeat shapes, colours, motifs or even materials in lighting fixtures and other decorative elements in the room for greater decor impact.

Choosing the right paint, will “help” the way a fixture performs: dark colors absorb light whereas light colors reflect it. look for extra reflective paint that will maximize the light.

Create a shallow display niche by recessing a cabinet with a quarter inch plywood backing between studa.. You can trim the edges with molding, and wire it with a halogen spotlight at the top.

You can afford to spend a little bit more on light fixture for your entry, simply because you don’t need many! Try antique shops for interesting shapes.

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Foyer Lighting Ideas

  • For a small entry, you can visually stretch its perceived size by uplighting a light colored ceiling. Mirrors also make the space appear larger and spread available light.
    Use this tip in a narrow, windowless entry in an urban apartment or townhouse.
  • To get a complete foyer light, use a light for the coat closet and another one near a mirror for your last-minute check!
  • Use lighting to enhance important architectural elements. In a more traditional style entry, pair sconces that are recessed in the walls into niches.
    This will help reflect and warm the light – see photo above right.
  • A two storey entrance hall can successfully benefit from an majestic chandelier, scaled for the size of the room.
  • Another way of lighting a two storey foyer is to use a lantern suspended from the second floor, that will provide enough light to the entrance and staircase.
    Additional ceiling light helps lit the the artworks on the stairway.