Heating your home

by Sam Jaction

If you are struggling to keep on top of your gas bill or electricity invoice, then you might want to consider the other options available to you. With price rises set to be implemented and most likely repeated again in 12 months, now might be the time to get a heating oil quote for your home.

Heating oil can be a realistic and economically-sound alternative to using gas or electricity to heat your home. Around 1.5 million people throughout the nation use it to keep their homes toasty during the winter. Furthermore, for those who are worried about the environmental impact of using oil, A-rated boilers are now available for oil.

These are highly efficient; in fact, they have been labelled 95 percent efficient, with some even achieving 97 percent efficiency. This is a percentage not many other heating options can boast, actually making heating oil one of the most effective methods available. Keeping oil tanks and boilers well-maintained can also keep them as environmentally-friendly as possible, something which heating oil distributors can help you arrange.

What’s more, buying heating oil in bulk can reduce its price significantly – something which again can’t be said for gas or electricity. This is not only good for the bank balance but also in terms of convenience, as when you bulk buy, you don’t have to worry about stocking up for another few months. We typically all welcome anything that makes life easier, so this makes oil the perfect choice.

Lastly, one key benefit of using heating oil is that it can, in theory, provide unlimited amounts of hot water. No more waiting for the tank to heat up or shouting at your other half for using up all the water! Oil-fired boilers provide a steady, consistent stream of heat; meaning water can stay warm all day. Having a hot shower whenever you want could even be the biggest selling point for some people – particularly large families.