House Paint Colors and Your Mood – Art For Your Walls

You want to feel comfortable in the house decor you create, so see what colors you’re drawn to. Because house paint colors can afect your mood, see how they afect you.

We know the color wheel is divided in warm(yellow, orange, red ) colors and cool(blue, green, violet) colors. Choosing warm or cool colors, will help you to relax and unwind, or to feel energized and ready to conquer the world. Try and find out the ideal color for each room and together to be a match for your chosen decor style.

  • house-paint-colors-11-9637255YELLOW

    Yellow is a happy and bright, sunny color, bringing a positive feeling.

    It is recommended to be used in darker rooms, hallways which usually lack natural light, or in smaller rooms.

    Even though is viewed as a positive color, don’t overuse it; being a reflective color, it might be hard on your eyes. Either have a lighter shade, or use it for accents walls or accent decor. Too much of it can increase anxiety.

    It’s a great choice for study rooms, offices, living rooms, kitchens.

    If your favourite color is yellow, you are:

  • spiritual and kind
  • of above average intelligence
  • discerning
  • house-paint-colors-2-5792029ORANGE

    Being in the middle, between yellow and red, orange has characteristic of each. It is a warm color and optimistic.

    A lighter shade will bring light in any room, whereas if you use a darker orange as your house paint colors, you will get a more vibrant one.

    Because orange brings a warm feeling, works great for family rooms, living rooms, childrens’ rooms; it’s a good fit for kitchens, or dining rooms – it’s being said that it stimulates the appetite :).

    If your favourite color is orange, you are:

  • the type you don’t want to be left out
  • always smiling
  • good natured
  • house-paint-colors-3-5086385RED

    Red is the warmest color of all, brings fiery passion and energy, but also means anger. It is said that overexposure to this color can increase blood pressure and heart rate.

    Because it stimulates appetite, works very well in a dining room( and often chosen in chinese restaurants for this reason).

    Painting the whole room in red is hard to your eyes; rather use it as an accent wall, or in room decor accessories.

    Avoid using it in bedroom, where you would like to relax and unwind.

    If your favourite color is red, you are:

  • extrovertit
  • impulsive
  • emotional and quick to speak your mind
  • house-paint-colors-4-1283913PURPLE

    Purple has both warm and cool tones in it – it’s a combination of red and blue. It’s a symbol of royalty and spirituality.

    Known to increase imagination, but also calm overactivity, this color is a good fit in a childrens’ room.

    While a lighter shade can be used in a room you want to relax, a deeper one you might use it for a more luxurious look.

    If your favourite color is purple, you are:

  • artistically inclined
  • sensitive
  • temperamental
  • house-paint-colors-5-7668887WHITE

    White stands as a symbol of purity and wholeness.

    Because it is highly reflective, and it gives the illusion of space, use it in small rooms. Don’t overuse it, because everything will appear rather sterile and cold.

    It’s a good fit as a background for all the other colors: in modern settings with dark browns or even black, giving the whole room an apearance of freshness.

    If your favourite color is white, you are:

  • neat
  • fussy
  • you have desire for simplicity.
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  • house-paint-colors-6-9218930BLACK

    Black absorbs light, so avoid using as your house paint colors for all walls in a room. It will feel you uneasy, as it’s seen as absence of all colors.

    Make use of it as an accent in your decor, to creat dramatic look. In combination of lighter colors, it will create a formal and sophisticated setting.

    Black works with most decor style and almost all color combinations, helping to hide flaws.

    If your favourite color is black, you are:

  • conventional
  • conservative
  • dignified
  • house-paint-colors-7-2349478BROWN

    Darker shades of brown should be used in rooms with sufficient light, creating a neutral base for any decor scheme. Nowadays, it’s a very popular choice color, if you want to avoid the negative impact of the black.

    Make use of it as an accent in your decor, to creat dramatic look. In combination of lighter colors, it will create a formal and sophisticated setting

    Same as black,brown works with almost all decor styles and color combinations, making the rooms appear warm and cozy.

    If your favourite color is brown, you are:

  • orderly
  • conventional
  • a clear thinking person
  • house-paint-colors-8-7747766BLUE

    Blue is a cool color and among the most relaxing ones. When used in interior decorating will create a soothing and laid back environment.

    Use it as one of your house painting colors in your bedroom or childrens’ bedroom to help you unwind and get you to sleep. It is a also a very good choice for bathrooms, but avoid it in your dining room. Because it brings order in your thoughts and reduces stress, it’s a good choice for office rooms.

    Too much blue in a room creates a feel of sadness and isolation, so mix it with some of the warm colors.

    If your favourite color is blue, you are:

  • of executive potential
  • conservative
  • a good breadwinner
  • house-paint-colors-9-7163020GREEN

    Green is another calm and relaxing color, and a versatile one. Being so close to the nature’s look, we all feel at ease, if surrounded by green.

    An excellent choice for bedrooms and bathrooms, it gives you a sense of well-being and harmony.

    Darker shades of green show at their best in a living room, making it more formal and sophisticated. Mid shades are a good option for dining rooms; or even better use it as a complementary color to get beautiful decor.

    If your favourite color is green, you are:

  • constantly on the go
  • not impulsive
  • socially well adjusted
  • house-paint-colors-010-2080999PINK

    Pink is the symbol of love and tenderness. It’s a combination of white and red, so it brings the energies and qualities of both.

    Make use of it in a girl’s bedroom. Don’t use it everywhere in the room, so it won’t overpower you. Darker shades like magenta are more masculine, will add vitality to decor, making the whole setting more mature.

    It’s best to use lighter shades as home decor accesories.

    If your favourite color is pink, you are:

  • romantic and sensitive
  • reserved
  • friendly

Your house paint colors shouldn’t be chosen randomly because each space has a unique use, and inspires a unique feeling.
Hopefully knowing what each color means, will make the choice of picking your house paint colors a little bit easier.