House Paint Colors – Yellow – Art For Your Walls

House Paint Colors-Yellow. The Psychology of Color Yellow

Get ideas and tips on how to use yellow for your house paint colors.

Understanding how yellow can affect your mood and state of mind, will help you make the right decision on the interior colors you use.


Yellow – the happy color

The psycholgy of color is based on the emotional effect colors have on the human beings. Nobody can deny that yellow is the color of happiness, an energizer and stimulant; and it is not a coincidence that vibrant people choose so often to paint their house’s walls in yellow.

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However there is variation in the way yellow was perceived by different cultures. There is a long history behind this color:

  • Yellow ochre was used in ancient times, some tens of thousands years ago, to paint the interior of the caves in Europe, Africa and Australia.
  • In India, yellow is the symbol of fertility, love and marriage; the color of Krishna.
  • In China yellow is associated with power and fire, and one of the colors the emperors wore.
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    8 Tips for House Paint colors – Yellow

  • Use pure yellow sparingly when painting your walls. If you’re not a happy person, it can be irritating.
  • In a dining room (or any room for that matter ) that lacks natural light, paint the walls a warm yellow and accentuate them with white trims.
  • Bring daisy yellow color to the walls in a family room to feel more relaxed. Combine it with american walnut stained beams and dark furniture
  • If you live in a rainy or cold climate paint the walls a fresh lemon color. This cheery hue will help you lift the spirits in gloomy days.
  • Use a very pale yellow to create a restful bedroom. Rather paint your wood furniture a solid, neutral color to avoid the visual excitement of the wood graining. Pair the assemble with colorful accents. Pale yellow is the perfect country backdrop in a room.
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  • Bright yellow in overabundance is not recommended because it can create eye fatigue and speed the metabolism.
  • Buttery yellow used on the walls of a staircase, along with a white raised panel wall treatment and a dark stair rail will lead the eyes upward.
  • Avoid bright yellow in a baby nursery room as it makes babies cry more; don’t use it as a bedroom color for hyperactive children.
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