Ideas for Interesting Window Treatments – Art For Your Walls

“Rich colors and fabrics, scale and proportion are essentials for window treatments.”


Whether you have wide, tall or bay windows, in a modern apartment or a Victorian house, here you’ll find some fresh ideas for interesting window treatments! Don’t forget your patio doors: they should get their own window treatment, coordinated with the rest of the windows in the room!

Doesn’t matter how “grande” or small a space is, window treatments are the design elements that can transform a room from uninviting and cold to welcoming and warm, and the proper window treatments can make or break a room.

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Choosing the best ideas for interesting window treatments resumes to the type of window you have in your house. The main window types are:


  • Simple or double-hung window – it has two sashes that slide up and down. Because of their regular shape they’re easy to decorate.
    • Tip for decor: the window treatments should be done in such a way, it provides access for opening the window.
    • Ideas:Think of a valance hanged over Roman shades or floor length curtains hung from a simple pole.
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  • Casement window – they are hinged vertically allowing for opening either inward or outward.
    • Tip for decor:the window treatment should be chosen in such a way, it won’t interfere with the way the window opens.
    • Ideas:Consider heavy draperies and a scalopped cornice or drapery panels mounted on a bamboo pole.


  • Arched window – they have a lower window with either a separate arch top or a one piece arch top.
    • Tip for decor:window treatments can be placed along the dividing molding between the bottom window and the arch, or to follow the curve
    • Ideas:Leave the arches area clear and cover the lower windows only with pierced curtains or sheers with ruffles rod pocket heading


  • Bay windows – when three or more windows are placed in an angle to one another on an exterior wall.
    • Tip for decor:consider where to mount the treatment: at ceiling height within the bay, or on the outside wall.
    • Ideas:Decide if you want to frame each window individually or unite all of them by running a continuous valance across the front of the window alcove. For a clean simple look consider Roman shades made of voile or fine cotton.
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  • Gliding sashes windows – they can be made up of gliding sashes that would open to the side or up and down.
    • Tip for decor:whatever window treatment you consider, keep in mind the easy acces to opening and closing the window panels.
    • Ideas:This type of window has lost of choices when it comes to window treatments. You can opt for roman shades, curtains with or without valance, even roll-up blinds.
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    Each one of us has a personal decorating style. If you’re not sure which one defines you, look in your closet and see what are your favourite colors and what fashion designs you prefer.
    Still not decided? Look here for more details on finding your personal decorating style.

    Get ideas for interesting window treatments based on your taste and preferences:

  • traditional style – to enhance this type of setting use full length and symmetrical window treatments; create welcoming elegance with layered waves of fabric, embellished with tassels and rosettes. These full flowing treatments should complement the fabric of the furnishings.
  • eclectic style – don’t necessary think of a specific fabric window treatment. Mix them so they are pleasing to the eye and functional too. In the kitchen you may want to frame windows with open shelves for your plate collection or art. In an eclectic dining room consider drapery panels and a handkerchief valance.
  • country“simple” should be the main characteristic. Some ideas for interesting window treatments would be to use matchstick woven shades tied with fabric when rolled up or beautiful English toile fabrics for balloon shades.
  • contemporary style – it consists of sleek decor and modern lines. Drapery panels usually are simple with a fabric that features a unique texture or interest. Choose floor to ceiling panels with interesting stencils or a tactile texture.

    A window is designed to let the light in. There are subtle variations in the natural light that can be achieved with different materials and also the privacy can be modified with the thickness of the sheers, drapes, curtains and blinds.
    Before considering any of these ideas for interesting window treatments find out what are your preferences for the inside natural light, and don’t forget the consider the climate you’re in and the orientation of the windows.


  • Curtains and Drapes – are one of the popular options to dress your windows. So many different ideas for interesting window treatments come to mind for curtains and drapes: unlined curtains with French pleated headings for a formal look, luxurious lined silk draperies fora dramatic appearance, ideal for French doors.
    There are an infinite number of combination of lengths, panel widths to experiment with. Valances can be used to hide rods and rings.
  • Swags and Scarves – a swag is the crescent shaped part of the window treatment that sweeps across the window. The formal look is completed with the use of a jabot – separate side pieces or tails that hang down to the sides. Used in a traditional setting, they rely on symmetry and pleating.
    Nowadays, a more informal way to achieve the same look is to use a single scarf draped over the pole. Heavy materials will achieve better results.
  • Blinds and Shades – are a versatile way to dress windows. Covering just the window itself, they are practical and economical. They are an excellent solution if your concern is privacy, or if you have awkwardly shaped windows.