Indoor Wall Fountains – Art For Your Walls

“Sit back and relax with the soothing sound of water flowing!”

Why Is Good to Have A Wall Fountain

With the soothing sound of water running, indoor wall fountains will add a special touch of class and distinction to your home.
These dynamic pieces of wall art will be a stunning accent for any room. Water moving through the daylight will always bring a different dimension to your newly decor addition. With so many styles available nowadays, you can get a wall fountain as big as a wall or as small as a plate, depending on what you like and, of course, how much money you’re willing to spend.

Indoor Wall Fountains – Is Not Just About The Looks!

When we talk materials for wall fountains, copper or slate are popular choices, but if you want a more contemporary look, you can choose between glass, chrome, or even mirror.Water fountains look good and can really fit within any style or decor, but beside the looks, they have benefits, too!

  • The sound of flowing water provides a relaxing feel to the room, creating an ambiance of peace and tranquility.
  • They are considered a natural humidifier for your indoor space.
  • They may be able to improve your mood or cure depression. Studies done recently show that negative ions produced by a waterfall can increase our well being, making us more alert and relaxed.
  • Having an indoor wall fountain you might breath cleaner air. Negative ions created by the running water can act like an air filter for dust or smoke.
  • Make them a backdrop for your favourite relaxation technique, such as yoga.

What To Look For When Buying:

  • Before buying, think of the place you want to place it: your living room, bedroom or study.
    A good thing about wall fountains is that they do not take up any floor space!
  • When select your indoor wall fountain, make the final decision based on their size, the way they look and sound and structural elements.
  • If you’re into Feng Shui you want to fill your house and life with positive energy. You might want to avoid placing the wall fountain against a south wall, as this is the wall associated with fire and power and the water will thus counter balance the influential power of the fire.
  • Bear in mind the wall you plan to install on your wall fountain: it should be able to withstand the weight.
  • In order to power up the water fountain, you must have easy access to an electrical outlet.
  • Always read the instructions before you start installing you indoor wall fountain. You might need some sort of assembly prior to hanging.
  • Look for a wall fountain where you can control the water flow and thus avoid splashing water on your floors
  • If you’re concerned with the weight of the wall fountain, buy one that has resin or fiberglass instead of copper or slate. You will reduce the weight with at least 10-12 pounds!

Maintenance and Care Tips

– Basics of an indoor fountain are always the same; a pump which moves the water from the reservoir to the fountain head, a fountain head which is the point where the water starts its decent, and the reservoir which contains the water at the base of the fountain.

Even though indoor wall fountains require little maintenance or care, we gathered some tips for you, so you can keep it in top notch conditions:

  • Clean the pump regularly with warm water, detergent and a brush. This way you will prevent algae built-up.
  • Always ensure the optimum water level is maintained. Check daily to ensure the optimum water level. Overlooking this, you might get your pump burned.
  • Try and use distilled water, it will prevent quick built-up of minerals and algae.

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