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“With interior paint reviews, I can make better choices when buying paint!”


We all know that paint is the quickest way to update a room and get a change in our home decor. But with so many brands to choose from, it is hard to make the choice that’s right for you. We created this page “Interior paint reviews”, to try and answer most of your questions:

  • Which one is higher quality, but comes with a lower price?
  • Which ones smells the least?
  • Which paint requires least amount of coats with best hiding/ coverage?
  • Which one stand the best the effect of time?
  • Which paint has the highest fading resistance to UV light?
  • What’s the level of VOCs( Volatile Organic Compounds) released in the air when painting?

These are the best rated interior paint brands in our Interior Paint Reviews list:

One of the most well known paints – Benjamin Moore – it produces interior and exterior paints, stains and primers.

  • This paint has received very good reviews through forums and official ratings. Contactors and homeowners are all pleased with the results. Be prepared though to pay more for it!
  • In November 2008, after testing it, Consumer Reports has rated Benjamin Aura, the no. 1 for the best coverage interior paint. Through their patented Colour Lock Technology, they are able to market a paint that has a very high rub-off resistance, also high coverage. Benjamin Aura is also rated as a Low-VOC paint.
  • Moore paints can be bought in both Canada and USA, in the hardware stores or national account retailers.
  • Personally I tried only their color samples, because of the price tag, but I don’t have any complaints, they seem to live to their promises!!
  • 2011 Update – Benjamin Moore ranked the highest again in customer satisfaction in 2011, as per Consumer Reports; it performed particularly well from the point of view of product line and offerings, application and design guides.Also, Benjamin Aura was rated again “The Best Paint” by Consumer Reports for the same year 2011.


Behr – is another paint brand considered one of the top best. Looking through various forums and DIY websites, we found that some contractors tend to avoid it because they might need to put more coats, or it will get them more time to get to the desired result.

  • Homeowners however put this paint on the first place because of its price.
  • In 2010, Consumer Reports rated it as the best budget interior paint, with some minuses when it comes to coverage and easiness to be applied.
  • Looking at J.D. Power Consumer Center Ratings, it shows that Behr paints are rated “about average” in 2010.
  • Personally, I used Premium Plus Behr when I painted the walls in my house, but I used it mixed with Floetrol. (Floetrol is a latex paint additive that makes paint to level and flow better.) For me it worked perfect – I didn’t have a time limit – as opposed to a contractor.
  • As of 2010, they didn’t carry no-VOC paints.
  • Behr paint can be bought at both Home depot in US and Canada, at a price of approx. $34/gallon in Canada and approx. $23/gallon in States.
  • 2011 Update – Behr got all Premium Plus(including Behr Premium Plus interior/exterior high gloss series) and Premium Plus Ultra interior paints, certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI)to meet strict chemical emission limits, and by that, creating healthier indoor living environments.Also, in the last year, Behr changed their formulas, to have low VOC paints for their line Behr Premium Plus Ultra with only 50 (claimed) VOC grams/liter.

Different websites and forums consider it one on the best within interior paint reviews.

  • J.D. Power Consumer Center Ratings along with some other independent testers consider RL Paints “among the best” and JD Power Consumer Center Ratings gave them the 2009 Home Improvement Award.
    This paint ranked highest for durability, appearance, ease of application and warranty.
  • RL Paints can be bought at Ralph Lauren stores, specialized stores or paint and hardware stores. In USA they can be bought at approx. $10 higher than the Behr paints at Home Depot. It also looks like at Home depot in US you will find only the RL specialty paints.
  • 2011 Update – Ralph Lauren paints were discontinued at Home Depot, being replaced with Martha Stewart paints line. Now they can be bought only at specialty paint stores.Starting mid 2011, it’s the first time that Ralph Lauren paint were sold outside of North America and Puerto Rico. “Rapid True Value”, Jamaica‘s leading hardware and home solutions store, announced it is the exclusive distributors of the Ralph Lauren line of premium paints.

Sherwin-Williams Duration Home from Sherwin Williams is another top rated paint in Interior Paint reviews such as Consumer Search, or Viewpoints.

  • At, professionals recommends Duration paints for families with children because it is easy to clean. Most of them add that it is easy to apply, durable and in most cases, only one coat is needed. Like Benjamin Moore Aura, Duration Home uses a low-VOC formula. However, Duration Home did not fare very well in a simulated test for fade resistance, making it a “not so good choice” for rooms with lots of sun.
  • Sherwin Williams paint is a little more expensive than other paints, but unbiased reviewers say it is worth the money. iVillage Garden said that it’s not cheap (though not as pricey as BM Aura) and it performed about the same as Valspar/Lowes American Tradition Eggshell which is much less expensive.
  • At Viewpoints – another review website which offers individual reviews, Sherwin W were rated with 88% favorable recommended, whereas 13% were critical reviews.


  • In 2010, Sherwin William Harmony was rated as best zero-VOC, low odor interior paint by consumer research. As a con ,consumer search is saying that this paint is fading, and coverage is lower than some other brands.
  • Their availability only in Sherwin-Williams stores counts in public’s opinion – it means that the likelihood of you being served by somebody knowledgeable on the subject is higher than when you’re buying the paint at a universal hardware store.
  • 2011 Update – In June 2011, Sherwin-Williams Innovative Paint Technology won EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. .Their R and D team has developed a water-based acrylic alkyd paint, which is made from recycled plastic bottles and soybean oil, by that cutting the VOC content by 60%.

    Also, for 2011, J.D. Power and Associates placed the Sherwin Williams paint were on the third place in their 2011 U.S. Interior Paint Reviews Study.

PPG Porter Paints are most known for their interior paint line Silken Touch. Because they are using the best raw materials, their line delivers high stain resistance and a beautiful finish.


  • 2011 UpdateJ.D. Power Consumer Center Ratings placed the Porter paints in their interior paint reviews on the second place for the 2011 Home Improvement Interior Paint section.The reviews website Viewpoints also rated Porter paints as one of the best in terms of coverage and finish.

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