Interview with KRISTY, author of “4 The Love of Wood” blog – Art For Your Walls


All photos courtesy of “4 The Love of Wood”

You couldn’t help but fall in love with Kristy and her beautiful blog “4 The love of Wood”.

The pieces in her “Showroom” are truly unique, and we admired the way she turns ugly or broken down furniture into elegant and charming pieces of art.

Intrigued, we wanted to meet the woman behind the blog, so we asked Kristy for an interview; she was nice enough to say “Yes”,so…here we are!
Grab a cup of coffee and let’s meet the author of the blog “4 The Love of Wood”!

1. Kristy, thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions today. Please take a moment to introduce yourself, your blog “4 The love of Wood” and anything else you’d like our readers to know about you and what you offer.

Oana, thank you for asking me here, I managed to pry myself out from under a few ongoing projects to air some of my dirty laundry.

I have painted, drawn, sculpted, and built things all my life but didn’t really become comfortable with it till my late 20’s when I started to build driftwood furniture.
I am now 40 and loving what I do.

It has taken many years to develop the gift that I was born with and learn how to translate it.
It has now brought me to the point of writing a weekly blog on all the vintage furniture recycling I enjoy doing and sharing with others worldwide.


2. How do you choose the pieces you re-finish? Do you have any preferences for a specific style?

I do adore the French provincial style and European designs, but the furniture I choose to work on fits into one or more of 3 categories: UNWANTED, DAMAGED, and UNUSABLE, but always made of wood.
Many people refinish furniture but I enjoy saving furniture.

3. How do you decide on the new “look” the furniture will take?

When I start a piece, the final vision is not clear. The first step is repair so I get to know the piece, know its limitations and its strength.
While doing this I image its best function in today’s home. Ideas hit me at the oddest times and the moment they do, it’s off to the races.

There is generally a feel of masculine or feminine to every piece of furniture and many choices are based on this, including paint colors.
Some days a fellow blogger will post a new project with a great color and that can inspire me to work with something similar.

4. What would you say it’s the biggest challenge in your work with wood?

Moving furniture around every day is my biggest challenge for sure and physically demanding.

5. What aspect of the refinishing & re-purposing furniture process do you enjoy most?

If you broke down what I do into individual jobs such as sanding, cutting, or painting, I would say it’s the same as any other tedious jobs we’ve all had.
But when I pull it all together knowing each step leads to the next that is what I enjoy the most.

People often ask if it’s hard to watch my pieces leave and the answer is quite simply “no” because I’ve enjoyed the journey and I’m ready to book the next ticket.


6. Your work is beautiful (personally, I have to admit I’m in love with your Italian Renaissance gramophone cabinet) and I’m sure you’ve been asked this quite often, but please tell us how you developed your love for repurposing furniture?

Thank you Oana, the gramophone cabinet is a recently finished project that was started in the warmer months, when spray painting turned legs was much easier.

My father has always had the ability to create what he needed with what was around him and I either picked that up or inherited it, it just looks a little different on a girl.


When I was first starting out in my own home I wanted nice furniture but couldn’t afford it. I would find discarded pieces and redo them into what I needed.

A great example of this is a small cabinet I still have we use in the kitchen for cutlery and other small items. It originally was a child’s French Provincial desk I cut down.

7. We all know the workshop you had back in September 2011 was a success. Do you plan another one any time soon?

In the spring or summer we would love to plan another one, because we did have so much fun with the first one.


8. You have a beautiful home, and readers can see lots of pictures you shared on your blog. Looking at the “before” and “after” photos you showed, various pieces of furniture or decorative items morphed from unappealing pieces to exquisite ones. Of all these pieces of furniture and decor, which is your favourite, and why?

My vintage mirror collection is high on that list but not displayed very much on my blog.
I have over 25 medium to large mirrors hanging on the walls of our small space and when customers see them they always want to buy one.

I’ve been reluctant up to this point to let any go but my customers are doing their best to talk me into starting to let go.


9. What’s your favourite oldest thing in the house, and did you do anything to transform it in any way or decided to keep the way it is?

My favorite oldest thing in my home is definitely my husband George. I learned long ago that things are just things and that my life wouldn’t be as full as it is without George.
And he’s just as I found him. I know a bit sappy but that’s the way it is around this ole house!

10. Kristy, we could go on and on with more questions, but we respect your time and will stop here. Thank you so much for doing this interview with us, and we wish you all the best. For this last question, please tell us about any exciting plans you have on the horizon that you’d like us to know about?

I enjoy being more creative during the winter months at designing and building unique furniture pieces, so I’m working steady at that and soon our annual vacation to Florida will be on top of us. It’s a much needed recharge we both work towards and look forward to each year.
While on vacation I do take the opportunity to look for unique hardware to bring home and add that special touch to my projects.

A big “Thank you!” to Kristy for offering her time today, and we hope you enjoyed meeting her.
Don’t forget to stop by at “4 The love of Wood”, and check her blog.