Interview with SANDRA SHEPARD, interior designer, owner of Shabby Rose Chic and Chic Home – Art For Your Walls

I’ve loved Shabby Rose Chic Boutique from the moment I’ve seen it! And what’s not to be loved when Sandra’s Boutique includes unique pieces of home decor and furniture?
If you like a shabby, romantic, chic style home, you won’t be disappointed!

So, we wanted to meet the woman behind the wonderful online boutiques and blogs; we asked Sandra for an interview, and she was nice enough to share a bit of her time to answer some questions for our readers.

1. Hi Sandra,thank you for taking the time to participate in this interview with us. Please take a moment to introduce yourself and tell our readers about Shabby Rose Chic Blog and any other websites, blogs and services you offer.

My name is Sandra Shepard and I am an interior designer, stylist and entrepreneur. I own an online boutique and blog that I started at a time when there weren’t many on the internet.

It started as a place to connect and showcase items for my clients and became a place to share inspiration, ideas and information with those that adored the shabby chic design style.

2. What first inspired your passion for decor and when did you decide to follow this path?

I learned how to sew and do embroidery when I was 9, I had an illness as a child that kept me in my room quite a bit and by the time. My parents loved the swap meets we had here in California and I was hooked.

At 10 years old I was begging my Mom to let me decorate my own room. I have never lost that passion for design or flea markets.

3. As an interior designer, did you find it difficult to decorate some other peoples’ homes whose style is totally different than the one you favor? Were you able to detach from your own feelings and decorate to one’s taste?

I have never had the problem of separating myself from my favorites, my job is to be able to put together a room or rooms that reflect the passions, tastes and style of the people who live in them.

I love my home, I love spending time in every room in my home and my clients should have the same experiences in their own homes, that is what makes coming home at the end of the day so wonderful!

4. You have written a blog post title that caught my attention, “Cheap Is Not Chic”. What recommendations do you have for anybody who wants to get a romantic and vintage inspired cottage home, but avoid the “cheap look”?

The reason I wrote that post is that sometimes too much is placed on how cheap an item was and not enough on the quality of the piece you’re buying.

Look for quality, when buying pieces, buy only what you love and don’t buy to just fill a space. If you buy only chipped, worn and rusted pieces for your home, pretty soon your home will look like the flea market.

Mix it up, give some of your pieces a new coat of paint, purchase new items to blend in with your vintage items, new fabrics and linens, and adding new lighting fixtures helps take a room from 80’s shabby chic into a more modern version of the romantic cottage style.
Simplify… too much of anything is too much.

5. What’s the most challenging aspect of balancing creative work and your home/family life?

The hardest part is to stop the creativity. I don’t bring my work home but I do bring the creativity home, my home is the testing grounds for many of my ideas and sometimes my family would like things to just stay the same.

6. What projects do you have on your “TO DO” list for the coming spring?What is your favorite season in general?

We are starting over this year and the family will be looking for a new home, I am already packed and I am doing something I have never done before, leaving almost all of my furnishings and decor behind. I thought it would be fun and would certainly give me plenty to blog about.

I am also designing a new line of furniture slipcovers for the boutique, showing how to redesign old furniture on my blog and I am adding before and after room makeovers along the way. Winter is my all time favorite season and I do love Christmas.

7. Sandra, thanks again for your time! For this last question,what advise would you have for the romantic chic home decor enthusiasts who are on a limited budget?

My advise would be to save up the pennies and dollars that you would spend on small items or at the flea market and buy the pieces you really want and love as you can. Don’t be in a hurry.

I have furnished many homes over the years on and off a budget and I can tell you that not one cheap, inexpensive piece I bought has made the cut. The pieces I still have and will move with me are the ones I absolutely could’nt live without and usually took some saving before I could purchase them and a mirror my hubby made me from a wine barrel ring for our first home.

Please make sure you stop by Sandra’s Boutique and see what she has to offer. To read her blog, check out Shabby Rose Chic Blog.

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