Kitchen Lighting Fixtures – Art For Your Walls

“Light the right way the “soul” of the house – your kitchen!”

More than just a place for preparing food and eating, the kitchen is viewed as the heart of the home and the center of the family.

Often these days, it is designed as an open plan space for eating, relaxing and entertaining.

As a gathering “hub”, kitchen lighting fixtures should be able to provide a flexible enough lighting to accomodate full-scale entertaining or just late night snacks.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

As this is a working area, kitchen lighting fixtures should give a good level of general light, that’s it: a good background lighting.

  • Task lighting is essential in all kitchens. Use low voltage downlights into the underside of the cabinets, so the countertops below can be lit.
  • If your kitchen has a high ceiling, than the top of your cabinets can be used to uplight the ceiling and provide general light.
    As a positive, this would reduce the number of downlights required.
  • For mood lighting consider setting lighting into the toe kick of an island, so the light will wash the floors.
  • If the kitchen units are free standing, and do not have a toe kick, LED strips can be used underneath the the unit to make them appear afloat when lit.
  • Try and avoid arranging the downlights in a grid configuration; don’t locate them just on the walkway and leave the countertops in darkness.
    Instead look at the hight and relate the light to this height. The best approach is to align the lights with the cabinet doors, and direct the light towards them to achieve a soft light.

As a general note, keep in mind that doesn’t matter what kitchen lighting fixtures you use, they will get eventually he grime that cooking creates.
If possible, choose recessed or semi-recessed lights.

Avoid locating kitchen where you will have to work in your own shadow, or you’ll have to fill in with light from sources coming from different directions.

Getting the light source closer to the work surface will increase the light intensity. For example, a light hung three feet above your counter can provide four times more light on the surface as the same light hung six feet away.

More Kitchen Lighting Ideas

  • Task Lighting – shouldn’t be forgotten either. The best place to have it, is under the cabinets.
    Best kitchen lighting fixture for localized task lighting are the fluorescent ones. So can low-voltage halogen light that can be dimmed for a very nice nighttime effect. Downsize for those would be the disadvantage of creating heat and adversely affect food that’s stored in the cabinets above.
  • Light may be also provided by decorative overhead pendant lights, creating a great statement for the interior itself.
  • Use the window casing to place recessed spotlights above a sink or conceal them on top of cabinets but direct the beams to crosslight the sink.
  • If your kitchen has beamed ceiling, use the beams to conceal small low-voltage spotlights, either recessed between the beams or surface mounted.
  • Your accent lighting in the kitchen can be achieved by lighting glass cabinets or shelving, or by having light built into a toe kick or floating kitchen cabinets.