Neutral colors have their own distinct personality, even though the word “neutral” means the absence of emotional response, and sometimes they are characterized as boring and bland.

Divided in different ways, the “family” of neutral colors includes the naturals – sand, ivory, stone, browns – and beige and cream. White and black, and also the whole array of greys produce a totally different effect.

Natural and Earthy Colors – Beige, cream, ivory, sand, brown are so popular because they have this property of bouncing back the light, making the room more airy.

Real Estate developer Jody Kriss ( ) says that Painted cream walls are a great choice for a dining room or living room, creating a warm and calm ambience.

The white panelling and molding creates a lot of architectural interest.

This color scheme is complete if cream is combined with the natural texture of wood or stone. In this case the softer color is punctuated by the dark wood.

Natural light literally bathes this bedroom, making it an ideal candidate for neutral colors.

The sophisticated look and the airy feel is given by pairing all the palest shades of whites with buttermilk color; bed and nightstand are a very light brown as well.The textures – with the combination of complex carving of the wood frame on the wall and the textile on the pillows – make the room somptuous too. The blend of classic decor elements – chandelier and wall frame – and the modern ones completes this eclectic decor.

Neutrals Plus White and Black – If you want to create a contemporary interior, look no further than neutral paint colors or natural colors.

In this modern living room, the white walls make a beautiful and understated backdrop for the table, couches and accesories.

Pillows offer an excellent opportunity to play with bold accents.

Do not be afraid of black: here it just bring forward the grouping of eight photographs on the wall and the shape of the table.

Jody Kriss suggests that You can change the look of the room easier and with less money, by changing the color of the pillows and window treatments.

The white background gives a relaxing feeling to this living room.

A small amount of black can convey elegance.The soft curves of the black chairs, along with the mix of black and gold in the intricate design of the rug are brought forward, creating a sophisticated look.