Pictures Fittings

The pictures fittings you will use, depend on the frame and mount of the picture. The wall hanging system has to be appropriate with the size and weight of the wall decor – paintings, decorative plates, mirrors, wall clocks – you want to display. .

If you figured that part already…

Then, it’s time to think if the hanging system will be decorative, or just functional.

Take a look at some of the fixtures available for pictures:

  • single picture hook – shaped brass hook that can be fixed on the wall with nails. To make the whole fitting stronger, the holes of the picture hook are done in such a way so the nails will enter in the wall in an angle.
    Important: hang small pictures only!
  • double picture hook – same description as the single picture hook, but it’s bigger.
    Important: use one or 2 double picture hooks to hang heavy pictures!!
  • picture wire – used to hang medium weight pictures. It doesn’t stretch.
  • picture cords – knott the cord on screw eyes, and hang the whole assembly in the picture hook. Be aware that the picture cord can stretch.
    Important: hang only lightweight pictures only!
  • screw eyes – they have a loop at the top of the screw, to hold the picture cord or wire
  • nails and screws – very easy, and economical. Simply fix the nail into the wall and hang the picture from it. For screws, insert a plastic wall plug first.
    Important: hang only lightweight pictures only!
  • picture rail hook – one side of the hook fits onto the rail, while the picture is suspended from the other side of it.

Lots of stores have available picture hanging kits.Most of them will have instructions how to use them, and the maximum weight the fittings can carry.

Check These Hot Tips:

How to attach the wire on the back of the frame: Thread the wire through both eyelets on the sides of the frame. Using pliers, twist the ends of the wire together to form a taut fastening.

If you want to avoid making holes on the wall – As an alternate to nails and screws in the wall, you can attached light and medium weight pictures using self adhesive removable interlocking fasteners.

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