Small Kitchen Design in Tampa FL: Maximizing Space In A Small Home

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If you have a small home, you know that space can be a limiting feature. There are so many struggles that people face when they have a smaller home – struggles that they didn’t even imagine when they bought it. Whether it is space, decoration, remodeling, or just working within the space, you have to change your entire attitude. Even if you aren’t in one of those “tiny homes,” simply having a small cottage style house can be difficult for people who have lived their lives in a home with plenty of space. [See more on Small Kitchen Design in Tampa FL]

Not only does it take a change in mindset, but it can take a change in style as well. Minimalism has had a bit of a moment recently, but few people actually fully embrace it.

Here is how to maximize the space you have in a small home – and actually love doing it:

Get A Kitchen Designer Who Knows About Small Spaces

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and if you are going to spend the majority of your time in a smaller kitchen, you absolutely need to get a kitchen designer who knows how to work within that space. A small kitchen can be a dealbreaker for so many people, but with good design, it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can actually make a lot of smart design decisions about a smaller kitchen.

For small kitchen design in Tampa, FL, for example, you may want to work your usable space into the outside area so that you can make the most of your cooking space. Or maybe you won’t really use your formal dining room all that often, so you can consider using that as well. Talk to the potential designer about your space and ask to see what they have done with smaller spaces before now – if they haven’t worked with them, you may not want to hire that company or that designer.

Try To Have Less

Minimalism is an important movement in this world because it helps to reduce pollution and consumption. If you have a small space, you simply cannot have as much. If you are the type of person to accumulate a lot of “stuff,” you may need to start letting go of knick-knacks and collectibles. This doesn’t mean that you cannot keep some things, but you may want to donate the books that you’ve already read and probably won’t read again. You can also donate clothing that you don’t fit anymore – you probably won’t wear it again, even if you do fit in it at some point.

Be Smart With Storage

If you are going to have things in your home, you need to think about how you will store them. Storage can either take away space or add to it. With a smaller home, you may want to think about using space storage bags for your linens and blankets. Organization is key when it comes to storage and small spaces: you need to be able to get to the things you want.

Some things you may want to consider when it comes to storage is that you may need to go outside of your home. You can store things in a storage unit away from your property (great for decorations or things that you just want to keep but you don’t need to use) or in a shed on your property. 

Think Of Your Outside Space

If you have a smaller home, you know that your outside space is going to be like your inside space: you need to use it wisely. You can use your porch, patio, and grass as livable areas, which makes homes feel bigger. Of course, this will also depend on your climate and what the temperature is like – you certainly won’t sit outside for hours at a time when it is too cold.

If you have a small home or you are looking into buying a small home, you need to know that space isn’t the only limiting factor. You need to think about all of the facets of your life and how they will be impacted by your home – and then build your home around that. You need to let go of some of the things that people have always done and do what benefits you.