Top Kitchen Design Trends Of 2020 – The Art Experts

Your kitchen is the center of your home, the place where you go to bring everyone together. Whether you are enjoying a home-cooked meal, takeout, homework, or family game night, your kitchen is probably going to be the place you gather. Whether you have an apartment, a large home, or a vacation home, the kitchen is truly the focal point in modern homes. That is why designer kitchens are so popular in Tampa, Florida and other parts of the country. 

If you are looking to have kitchen remodeling done, there are a few trends that you may want to follow:

Navy Paint, Appliances, and Touches

Entering into the next few years, the color navy is going to have quite a moment. It isn’t as harsh as black, but it still gives kitchens that sleek and modern feeling that so many people are looking for in a kitchen. Of course, it is also easy to find accents and decorations that work well with this shade.

Of course, it is also easy to clean and doesn’t show quite as much dirt as darker colors.

You certainly want to go with matte coloring for your navy, as that will look much better.

Tiles Are No Longer the Ideal for Backsplashes

For years now, tiles have been the design style of choice for designer kitchens, but that is no longer the choice for many people. While tile still looks great and is popular in homes where it is already installed, slab backsplashes are actually more in style now.  Part of this is because there are just more options when it comes to backsplashes that are solid – but another, perhaps bigger, a part is that they are more sanitary. Slab backsplashes do not have the spaces for bacteria to grow, spaces that can be difficult to clean. 

At the same time, slab backsplashes are less likely to chip or break and therefore need fewer touch-ups.

Double Islands Offer Twice the Amenities

Islands have been popular in kitchen design throughout the last decade or so – and where one is effective, what about two? The double island design allows you to have some separation from work areas, sinks, food prep, table settings, and more. If your kitchen is really the central part of your home and you need separation (and space to move around) having two smaller islands can be helpful and make it more useful – larger islands can ruin the lines of a kitchen or just get in the way.

Another opportunity for a modern island design? Look for islands that don’t have solid bases or cabinets and instead find one that allows chairs to be pushed completely underneath them. They are often called “floating” islands.

Gold Touches Replace Silver

In the age of stainless steel appliances, silver has reigned supreme over fixture colorings, but its time in the sun may have vanished. More and more home design shows are highlighting gold fixtures that bring back that classic kitchen feel. While the fixtures shouldn’t be overwhelmingly gold and shiny, touches of gold can bring warmth into the kitchen – especially if you do use colder colors elsewhere. 

Warm finishes will be the most popular finishes for the next few years, especially in open kitchen designs that can sometimes feel clinical.

No matter what kitchen design you go for, it has to be something that works for your family. The most modern designs can be beautiful and look great in pictures, but if they do not work for you and your family, they are not the best choices. For more information about kitchen design in Tampa, FL, visit