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“The right wallpaper will set the style of the room and pull together your chosen color scheme as part of your wall decor for home”

Wallpaper Projects

Looking for the perfect wall decor for home? Wallpaper might be your answer.


Nowadays, wallpapers have an enormous number of fancy patterns, styles and colors. You can achieve a stunning background for your decor with matching wallpapers in the same room.

Not only there are countless numbers of colors or patterns for wallpapers, but now you even have a list with all different paper types to choose from, when it comes to buying and decorating.

They can simulate different painting techniques like sponging, spattering, ragging; or even reproduce nineteenth and early twentieth century designs.Some of them even are designed to look like natural materials: granite or marble.

And let’s not forget all the patterns manufactured especially for kids: cheerful and versatile!

The newest generation of wallpaperings feature natural and renewable materials; the hottest one on the market is bamboo wallpaper.

Used creatively, alone or matched with wallpapers, wallpaper borders make their own design statement in wall decor for home. Used in the right place, wall borders are the last step for a nice finishing touch, or a great way to link contrasting schemes.

“How To” Projects for Wall Decor for Home Wallpapers

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8 Tips To Help You Select The Right Wallpaper For Your Wall Decor For Home


  • Tip 1:Many wallpapers are prepasted and don’t need additional adhesive. The paste on this kind of wallpaperings is activated by dipping it in water.

Insider Tip: Check with the store you bought your wallpaper.Some of them require a special activator to guarantee they’ll stick to the wall.

  • Tip 2:If you like a pattern, but the wallpaper is unpasted, don’t panic. It will take a little longer to apply it, but the stores will have pre-mixed paste for you.Insider Tip: Use the paste type that’s recommended in the instructions or by the store.
  • Tip 3:Make sure all the rolls have the same lot number. Color might vary between lots. Save the lot number in case you decide to buy matching wallpaper in the future.Insider Tip: In case you chose a big pattern, buy an extra roll to be on the safe side.
  • Tip 4:Regular damask motif wallpaper and the textured one will help hiding imperfections in the walls, like small bumps or uneveness.Insider Tip: For a kitchen/ bathroom choose a washable paper, and make sure is resistent enough in damp conditions.
  • Tip 5:If you want your room to appear bigger, choose a light color and a small print.

Insider Tip: If you have a big room, and you want it to appear cozier, choose a bigger pattern.

  • Tip 6:If you don’t want to hire a professional, you might want to ask a second person to help you. One can work on pasting, while the other can hang the paper.

Insider Tip:Ask the store about vertical repeat.
The repeat is the length of the image before it comes up again. Repeats can range from none – if there is no pattern in the paper, to more than 36″. Buy more rolls if your vertical repeat is more then 23-24″ – you will need it when matching the pattern.

  • Tip 7:Most wallpapers are pretrimmed, so the edges are perfectly cut and all ready for hanging.
    Don’t drop pretrimmed papers on the ends because you’ll mar the edges. Untrimmed papers will require a good straightedge and more experience to cut. If you didn’t hang wallpaper before, might be better to stick with a pretrimmed paper.

Insider Tip: Usually a standard roll measures 20 inches wide by 33 ft. long.

  • Tip 8:As with any successful home improvement project, changing your wall appearance depends heavily on how good your preparations is. If you decided to replace your old wallpaper with a fresh coat of paint, we looked for you at some tips on how to paint over wallpaper.
    If in doubt, you think you can’t handle it, or just simply you want to save your time for something else, don’t forget to ask the advice of an expert!