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“Be yourself when you’re decorating your house and you will feel at home

Your wall decor is not just about a color scheme, a decor style, paint, wallpaper or tiles.

If you feel that something is missing from your newly decorated walls, maybe that’s exactly what it is: you’re missing some stylish accents, some personal finishing touches.

With the right wall accent and accessories you can unify your decor scheme and make your decorating style stand out, in the same way a beautifully applied make-up enhances the lines of a face well-taken care of.

Liven Up Your Walls with these Wall Decorating Ideas

Either you’re looking for your perfect buy to make your wall decor a whole, or you’re a do-it-yourself decorator, take a look at these ideas we prepared for you.

And…Liven up your walls with:

wall-decorating-ideas-02-4714096 Fabric Wall Hangings – Rich and elegant fabrics , seeming to transport you to medieval castles, today’s tapestries are an elegant touch that’s worth the money.
From the sophisticated indian silk to the bold wooven European tapestries and the modern hand-painted canvases fabric w…Read More
Decorative Wall Plates – with their vintage or modern design, they liven up the walls, and add a touch of your personality for everybody to see and admire.
Consider them an easy project to do, offering with their arrangement flexibility, an opportunity for quick decor change. Collections of five or seven…Read More


Floral Wreaths – A perfect addition on the mantel above your fireplace, a stylish accent in your traditional or country home decor, they bring a gentle touch of nature to indoor environments.
Usually they are in high demand around Chritmas time, but exquisite floral wreath can be displayed in any season…Read More


Mirrors – practical and beautiful, they are a perfect wall decor accent, that brightens any wall of your house.
Either embellished with a glamorous traditional or a sleek contemporary frames, mirrors will add a sparkle of style to the walls, being…Read More

Indoor Wall Fountains – stunning accents, they represent the “new finds” and trend that brings on oasis of calm and serenity to any room.
It seems almost like you brought a miniature garden inside. Think of indoor wall fountains as your …Read More

All these decorating ideas swirling in your head and still not decided? You can find more inspiration browsing through our decor books, or even better , get inspired from these decor catalogs. In a rush? Check our digital books( e-books)!

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