Wall Mounted Shelves – Art For Your Walls


Wall mounted shelves are useful accessories for so many important reasons: versatile, they can be added to any wall: either it’s a kitchen, bathroom, living-room, or a child room.


Functional, they don’t take valuable floor space and you can easily customize the length of the shelf to fit your room. Also they represent an attractive way to display your favourite plates collection, or family photos.


They can be mounted on brackets or supports, and it’s considered a convenient way to start a storage program so your house will always look at its best!
And at last, but not least, they are easy to do, without being hard on your budget!

Sometimes is difficult and confusing to find out what brackets work best with the system you choose for wall mounted shelves.
We wanted to save you some valuable time so.. we did the search, and put together a list with most usual choices available on the market for mounted shelves:

“I want to know more about what materials and brackets to use for my wall shelves!”

Get These 7 Easy Wall Mounted Shelves Ideas and Tips for your Rooms:


    • wall-mounted-shelves-04-1661092 Look for self-assembly kits for your children’s room. Your boy’s car collection will be nicely displayed, plus books and games won’t stay on the floor anymore!TIP
      The nice part of buying a self-assembly kit is shelving and fixture can be purchased separately. That’s to your advantage because you buy only the quantity you need. Before fixing the brackets/ supports measure the height of the objects you want to store or display, and space the shelves equally for a nice look.


    • wall-mounted-shelves-05-9924697“Borrow” some space from the thickness of the wall in your bathroom and build a small alcove. Install one,or two small glass shelves for your make-up, creams and stuff. You might wanna display small towels or candles.TIP
      Avoid heavy items, so the glass won’t break.


  • wall-mounted-shelves-06-5403600 Use shelves in your kitchen. They will add visual impact to the room.TIP
    Display your plates or mugs collections. That’s an easy way to declutter while organizing your space!


    • focal_point_interior-9655774Install a long shelf behind the couch, in your living room. It will quickly become your focal point.TIP
      Use creative lighting to accentuate it!


    • wall_mounted_shelf_stairs-9516319Define the unused space under your stairs. Build in that corner, a whole wall of shelves, and there you go – that’s the new home for all your books, magazines and pictures.TIP
      Paint the shelves in the color of your trims and moldings, so they will match.

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    • wall_mounted_shelf_bedroom-4195843Build two or three rows of shelves in your bedroom, above your bed.TIP
      When spacing the distance between shelves, don’t start very low. You don’t want them to bother you, while reading or laying in bed.


    • wall_mounted_shelf_office-9950646In a home office install rows of shelves up to ceiling .You will make use of a wall space that otherwise it’s underused.TIP
      Use decorative baskets to place your office essentials. Place the least used items at the top.
  • wall_mounted_shelf_window-7790290Use the space above and around a window to put decorative shelves.TIP
    Bring in some accessories to fit with that particular room decor.