Wall Paper Border Ideas

“Have a look on how and where to install your wall paper border!”

There are so many ways you can use wallpaper borders to get new ways of decorating your walls!
Either as a crown molding around the ceiling, or framing a window or door, you will get some ideas on what can be done with wallpaper borders.

Wall Paper Border Ideas At Different Heights

Borders at ceiling line

The way you hang the border at ceiling level it depends on the match of the wallpaper.
If it is random match or you got a painted wall, place the border either at the ceiling or at the molding edge.
If you have a straight or drop match, check the height of the wall to make sure it doesn’t vary. If it doesn’t, and the paper is plumb, go ahead and hang it to the ceiling or around the molding. If the height varies, you will need layout lines.
Getting the layout – subtract the height of the border from the height of the shortest wall. With a carpenter level, mark this distnce from the floor, all around the room. To hide any small gaps above the border you might use some border scraps. If the gap is big, don’t use the border at all.

Installation – paste the strip with the right adhesive, or if it is the pre-pasted kind, soak it into water. Fold the strip the accordion-style. Unfold a little bit at the time, just about as long as an arm length. Follow the layout lines, and smooth any creases, or excessive adhesive.

If the design overlaps, just butt the ends together. If it doesn’t, overlap matching elements and double cut the seam.

Chair rail borders

For this height, there are three way of hanging it:

  • alone
  • coordinate it with wallpaper both above and below
  • combine it with wallpaper below or above

Chair rail borders alone – Use alevel to mark on the wall where you would like the top and bottom edge of wallpaper to be. Hang the paper the same way it was explained for “borders at ceiling line”.
Chair rail borders with wallpaper both above and below – If you want to combine the border with both paper above and below, use a level and draw layout line at about the middle of border area. Hang the upper paper first to just below the line. then trim flush with line. Hang all the upper wallpaper first. Next, hang all the bottom one either butting or double-cutting the ends where they meet the wallpaper above. The last step is to hang the border, either by aligning it withan element of design or with a new line drawn on the paper.
Chair rail borders with wallpaper above or below – If you would like to match the border with wallpaper below or above, use a level and draw the layout lines for the top and bottom edge of the border. Hang the wallpaper, overlapping just a little the lower guideline.Then hang the border using the upper line as a guide. Next, hold a straight edge and with a knife cut the excess wallpaper underneath the border. Lift to remove the scrap. Smooth down the border and roll the seam. Do the same for the rest of the walls.
Check these tricks to “fool the eye” with wallpaper borders:

  • To break up a large wall, and make it look smaller, use a wall paper border that is hung at eye level – somewhere over five feet high. Use an extra wide border.
  • If you want to tie up the window treatments intoyour decorating scheme, use border to apply it to the trim valance or to the shades if they are the roller type.
  • You can hang the borders vertically to create stripes. This will make a low ceiling look higher, giving a sensation of spaciousness in a small room. The trick works the same for painted and papered walls, but make sure you coordinate patterns and colours.
  • If you want to revive some worn furniture or to embelish a mirror maybe you can use border, or portions of the border pattern.
  • High walls? You can visually lower them by using wallpaper border aplied at eight feet height, and walls above painted in a darker shade than the ones below.
  • A nice border can be used to accentuate a fireplace mantel, a door or a window.
  • If you want your wall to appear higher, use vertically striped wallpaper, and border hung at the ceiling level.
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