Wall paper murals

  • In your children’s room choose a mural that will match their interest:
    • a baseball wallpaper mural or an exploration map for a boy
    • wildlife scenery or a sunny meadow for a girl.

    TIP: Put a ceiling wallpaper mural in your kids room. They will watch the stars as they go to bed.


    • Most common situation: go to the store and look at the variety of styles they have available. Choose the image and design you like and that’s it!
    • Do you have a picture or a painting you really, really like? You can customize your wall paper mural. Bring the picture to a specialized store, and they will transfer your photo on fabric backed vynil wallcovering.
    • Another option is to have a mural painted on canvas(again at a specialized store), and then it will be applied to your wall the same way the wallpaper is, instead of a regular wallcovering.

    There are more sizes to consider when you decided to buy your mural:

    • Large murals are designed to cover the entire wall, and range in size from approximately 5 to 14 feet in width or length.
    • Small or “accent” murals consist of smaller, individual decorative images. Small murals range in size from around 1 foot to 5 or 6 feet in length or width, again with many styles available.
    • Door murals are just the right size to cover almost any interior door. It can be your perfect spot to add beauty or fun to your room!

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