Wall Papers – Unify Two Different Papers in One Room Scheme – Art For Your Walls

“Bring out the best of your wallpaper with these tricks!
Sky is the limit!! “


Always in fashion, wall papers are among the first choices, being a creative an innovative design tool.

Combining two wallpapers within the same room design scheme, is a very effective design trick, and it works well to achieve a variety of styles from traditional through eclectic and to contemporary.
If you choose your wall papers carefully, the final look can be formal and elegant, warm and cozy, or modern edge contemporary.

There are so many ways to combine wallpapers. To get a good mix consider these tricks and ideas:

  • Select wallpapers from the same tonal color. What it means? They can have different patterns, one from the other, but they vary a bit in color – for example, two different shades of red.

    The variation in color will help eyes flow esily through the room, making it appear bigger than it is.

  • You can opt for the same pattern, but in different colors. A modern print with two colors, one for one accent wall, and the other wall paper for the rest of the walls in the room will create the background for a bold contemporary design.

    Colors can either be complementary or coordinated.

  • Mix wall papers that have different pattern – for example one pattern is floral and the other is stripes.
    Make sure though you have the same background color for both of them.
  • Choose wall papers from the same wallpaper family. In the store, they are put together in the same book, for an an easy reference available to the customer.
  • If you want to consider a traditional look, where you would like to feature a dado rail, to separate the walls of a room, it is not a bad idea, to have one wallpaper type above, and a different kind below the rail.
    For example you might want a floral print above, and a vertical equal stripes below it. This option can become very useful if you have tall walls and you want to make them appear shorter.
  • Try to use one kind of wallpaper for two adjoining walls of the room, leaving the other two with a different type of paper, or even get them painted.

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Options For Your Style.
Same Scheme With Different Wallpapers

  • There is one way of using two different wallpapers: choose one wall as the feature wall. Make a central panel with one wallpaper, and on each side of it, use the other type to accent it.

    The visual look will be stunning, and effect is very visual. For patterns consider contrasting geometric one or big florals.

  • In a large room, segment different areas you have with different wallpapers. For example you can accent a dining area in the litchen or a small office space in a living room.
    The same concept can be applied in a bathroom or even a bedroom where you have a dressing area
  • Scale is very important when featuring two various wallpapers in the same room.
    Keep things in perspective having the same size for your patterns, either flowers or geometrical ones.
  • A formal detailed pattern in wallpaper matches a plain wallpaper in a rich color – this option looks good in an elegant space.
    A country decor room can feature a small floral print associated with a thin stripey one.

You can play so many ways to get a bold and fresh look in your each and every room. Matching two different wall papers to unify the a room’s scheme is just one idea to consider.

But there are other solutions to create the style you want: use and combine wallpapers just with stripes, decorate with wallpaper panels or wallpaper borders!