Wallpaper Murals – Art For Your Walls


If you want to update the look of your rooms, you should consider wall paper murals. They can add a new dimension and bring originality to your house.

Helping you to unwind and relax, they can make a great accent wall, and definitely be the subject of conversation next time you will have guests.

They have a great come back in wall decor, so visit your nearest wallpaper store: you will get amazed by the variety of scenes and subjects available nowadays!

What Wallpaper Mural Should I Choose?

  • If you have more of a traditional house select a mural with a floral theme, a landscape, or animals. An elegant fresco mural is another great option.
  • For an eclectic or contemporary wall decor, you can achieve a stunning architectural effect by considering to use a mural with a brick wall or vines. Any abstract artwork can be transposed in a stunning mural as well.
  • In your children’s room choose a mural that will match their interest:
  • a baseball mural or an exploration map for a boy
  • wildlife scenery or a sunny meadow for a girl.
  • TIP: Put a ceiling mural in your kids room to match the wall decor theme you already have set up for your walls. They will watch the stars as they go to bed.
  • If you really want to personalize your walls, you can order a custom made mural. There are lots of companies that specialize in custom wall paper murals, and would be more than happy to accomodate your requests.

    How does it work? They will ask you to send an photo, an illustrate, a computer image file, an original painting or good quality reproduction. Based on that, they will create your mural.

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There Are Different Choices When It Comes To Wall Paper Murals

  • Most common situation: go to the store and look at the variety of styles they have available. Choose the image and design you like and that’s it!
  • Do you have a computer?: There are so many murals stores on-line. See what is their selection, and choose what suits you best.
    Keep in mind that computer setting can, but not necessarily, distort the colors of the images presented.
  • Do you have a picture or a painting you really, really like? You can customize your wall paper mural.
    Bring the picture to a specialized store, and they will transfer your photo or painting on fabric backed vinyl wallcovering.
  • Another option is to have a mural painted on canvas(again at a specialized store), based on your photograph, or computer image.
    Then it will be applied to your wall the same way the wallpaper is, instead of a regular wallcovering.

What You Need To Know When You Select Your Murals Wall Papers

There are more sizes to consider when you decided to buy your mural:

  • Large murals are designed to cover the entire wall, and range in size from approximately five to fourteen feet in width or length.
  • Small or “accent” murals consist of smaller, individual decorative images. Small murals range in size from around 1 foot to 5 or 6 feet in length or width, again with many styles available.
    They can depict a window, and can match the rest of the room decor or wallpaper borders.
  • Door murals are just the right size to cover almost any interior door. It can be your perfect spot to add beauty or fun to your room!
    Masking the actual door, they give the impression of an open space, making the room look bigger than it is.