What colours work best with a granite worktop?

by Sam Jaction

Once you have decided that you are going to install a granite worktop, the next step is to decide what to pair it with.
As well as the cleanliness, hardy nature and stylish look of this type of material, the other benefit is that you can match it with a huge variety of complementary furniture by simply choosing the right shade of granite.

One of the most popular styles of granite worktop around the world is black, which adds a touch of glamour to any kitchen and goes beautifully with plenty colours.

Many people opt for a stark contrast by fitting white or bold-coloured cupboards and shelves, but a similar impact can be achieved by opting for a light brown wood, which can add a little more warmth to the room.

If you want to go to the other side of the spectrum and make your kitchen as sleek as possible, then introduce elements of cold chrome and glass.

For some buyers, a lighter shade of granite is more enticing, offering a mellower change from the colour of the rest of the furniture and looking particularly rustic when paired with exposed brickwork.

To achieve a truly calming environment, people could opt to buy gentle brown coloured granite worktops and pair this with similar tiles on the walls.

There is a huge range of choice out there and homeowners can match the specks of colour in the granite with the dominant shades in the room – so if you have a stunning, powder-blue bookcase and table that you want in the kitchen, then perhaps opt for a worktop that includes this colour subtly.

However, do not feel like the swirls of colour in the granite – or the base shade for that matter – should follow the scheme of the rest of the interior decoration. Some of the best and most original ideas come together by simply putting together shades that complement each other, rather than match completely.

One final factor to consider is whether to choose ‘honed’ or ‘polished’ granite. The former gives a softer, low-sheen look that is likely to go well in a rustic-themed room, while the latter is more glossy and reflective, making it ideal for more modern options.

As a hugely durable material, granite is very capable of lasting generations without being scratched or broken, but be sure to look after it by hiring a professional to install the slabs and using material-specific cleaning products to avoid staining.