What Is Your Decorating Style? – Art For Your Walls


What is your home decor style? Is it Traditional? Is it Contemporary? Maybe a little bit of both?

And…most important: How to find out?

Without hiring an interior decorator, discover what suits best your unique personal taste with these ideas:

  • Start watching any TV show about home decor.
  • Go to your neighbourhood library and borrow any home decor guide they might have: you will be surprised by the selection!
  • Almost any decor magazine features at least one article about decorating styles. Look at the pictures, make notes of your choices, and decorate with style!

Which Style Is Yours?

Look at all of these. Still not decided what style is definitely yours? Then read some more about decorating styles!
Most home decors fall into three broad categories: traditional, contemporary and eclectic.
When you will get to know more about each style, you would be able to make a more informed decision on what you would like to see as your personal wall decor.

Traditional Style – it will always be seen as a part of the past, giving you a cozy and warm feeling.
In this decorating style all elements give you a sense of calm and quiet order.With its familiar look, in traditional style you will always find symmetry and proportion. It’s a style that suits every age, and that’s why it has a homey and comfortable ambiance…Read More
Contemporary Style – with its clean lines, it represents an original statement not linked in any way to the history. Sometimes is described as minimal.
It has few pieces of furniture with chrome, brass or glass as common materials, but no clutter whatsoever. …Read More
decorating-style-03-5294462 Eclectic Style – it mixes, for example, the traditional with contemporary, as rarely in our days you will see a room that is totally decorated in one style or another.
To achieve an eclectic style combine two different periods, but keep in mind that you should think of an unifying element: either a repeat pattern or colour through the room, or the atmosphere. …Read More

While your style changes in time, be aware that most times the distinction between traditional and contemporary can be blurred. So you can “soften” the clean contemporary look of a room by adding a touch of decorative accent.

Or you can bring a clean simple design element to a traditional style.

International Styles

Along with the three most important styles, we put together information about some other ones. Our visitors asked about them, so …HERE THEY ARE:


Country Living

Country Style – organic and timeless, country decorating style offers a level of comfortable living that other styles…read more here



Moroccan Decor Style – is a celebration of colors, intricate paterns and sophisticated designs…read more here

House Beautiful

French Country Style – gives an airy and open sense of space, being one of the most distinctive decorating styles; with charm and…read more here


Japanese Style – one of the traditions in Japanese culture and decor is to create and maintain the feeling of harmony and serenity. If you want to identify typical decor elements of Japanese style, you will have to…read more here


Scandinavian Style – scandinavian decor is airy, light and harmonious. It has been created to counter the long nordic winters…read more here


Tropical Decor – you don’t have to live at the tropics to have a warm and inviting…read more here