Why should I purchase Metal Garden Furniture

by D. Smith
(Essex, United Kingdom)

There are so many varieties of garden furniture on the market, it is rather difficult for a purchaser to decide what is best for him. A little guidance might be appreciated and if you need some advice, perhaps this article on metal garden furniture will help.

Obviously, garden furniture is made of many different materials and you may have already decided that you want wood, PVC or something else. But let me tell you about the virtues of metal garden furniture and what sets it aside from the others.

Firstly, metal garden furniture can be made of aluminium, cast aluminium, steel or cast iron. Of these, the aluminium options are the most common, really because aluminium is one of the most abundant minerals on the planet! Cast iron or pig iron, tends to have their place in history, being widely used in the Victorian era, when garden furniture first became popular. Cast iron garden furniture tends to be very heavy and can be prone to rust. Hence it needs a fair amount of maintenance and will require re-painting from time to time. Cast iron furniture is still available but is less common nowadays.

Steel garden furniture is quite widely available and more often than not it is used where the product needs to be strong and rigid. This applies to the frames of swing benches or swing seats, for example. Tables and chairs are often made of steel, particularly “Bistro” style chairs that have a thin metal frame. Again, steel is prone to rust and care should be taken of this metal garden furniture.

Aluminium garden furniture tends to be lightweight and easily transportable. Think of cafe style furniture, where the tables and chairs are resilient but strong. The frames of these table and chair sets are usually tubular aluminium, which give strength and durability and are easy for manufacturers to work with. There is no rust with aluminium, although there is a danger of oxidization, which will produce a powder like effect on the surface, when this metal garden furniture gets older.

Finally, cast aluminium garden furniture is a maintenance free, rust free, strong, durable and readily available commodity. Normally powder coated, the surface will not rust or corrode and should provide many years of use. The ultimate in metal garden furniture!

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